4 types of babycare you should not miss out on


The joy of motherhood is incomparable. Holding your creation in your arms after a 9 month-long journey is a feeling that can not be replaced. But, what we frequently don’t speak about is how overwhelming all of it can be. Knowing what to do and how to take care of a baby can be difficult for a lot of new mama bears. There are a few Sebamed essentials every newborn child requires to stay healthy and jolly. The unknown atmosphere can be harsh on your little one’s skin, so it’s extremely vital to take care of it. In case you’re wondering where to begin, we have a brief list of Sebamed baby products you’ll require to take care of your tiny baby. These are essentials that will be your constants throughout your journey with your newborn. 

1. Baby Oil – Massaging a newborn with Sebamed baby oil is generational, our mamas did it to us, and our grandmas did it to our folks! The procedure of massaging your infant is vital as it helps keep their delicate skin soft and loaded with moisture. It also works the muscles, which promotes physical growth. Never gamble on baby oil and massages as it’ll serve as a great bonding time for you and your little munchkin.

2. Diaper Rash Cream – Whether it’s toss-to-bin or washable fabric diapers, no kid can escape diaper rashes. And with summers rising high above, they’re unavoidable. With Sebamed diaper rash creams, irritation-free bums can wiggle their way into a rash-free day. Applying it under prescribed conditions is a must when your baby’s bum faces a rash emergency. With gentle application and full absorption, your munchkin is fit to conquer the day in their diapers.

3. Face Cream (Sunscreen)  – We know many of you newbie moms are wondering if babies have sunscreen as well. And to answer your question, yes, they do. If you are planning a baby’s day out during the day, sunscreen is required to keep your little one protected and captivated underneath the sun. With beach and park dates, face cream with moisturising or zinc oxide elements can have your little munchkin’s skin under sun control. 

4. Body Lotion – Hot, humid weather during the summer can have your little one’s skin burned up with redness and irritation. And an infant with itchy pain can alarm the entire neighbourhood. Sebamed body lotions are a brilliant way to nourish and coddle your baby’s skin unconditionally. Be it after a bath, or before bedtime, a peanut-sized squeeze in your palm is enough to lock in the moisture and revive buttery-soft skin. 

Looking out for scent-free products, tear-free soaps, bath gels, and lotions is something you have to be aware of while you choose their essentials. You also have to observe how your baby reacts to these products when choosing the right goods. Dodge scented, antibacterial and deodorant soaps as they might be too harsh on your baby’s skin. When it comes to body lotions, always go for thicker consistency that keeps the baby’s skin gentle and smooth for hours. It’s true babies do not arrive with manuals. And taking care with no experience can be quite overwhelming. But once you get the do’s and don’t’s right, nothing will turn your child’s smile into a frown.

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