How to Replace an Omega Watch Strap.

omega watch strapomega watch strap

Learning and changing a rubber strap for Omega should be a skill every Omega watch owner should have. This is because it’s fun doing it. And you don’t have to pay anyone or waste time waiting for someone else to do it for you. 

Luckily, even without previous experience, you can do it on your own. All you need to do is follow a simple guide that will give you all the instructions. 

That’s why in this article we will share with you a step-by-step guide to follow and change an Omega watch Strap. Whether you’re replacing a damaged strap or just want a new look on your watch, then we got you. Follow this simple guide. 

Step One: Choose Your Most Prefered Watch Strap

Omega watch strap comes with different choices. The straps are mainly differentiated by the materials used to make them. They feature all manner of straps. From rubber, and flexible fabrics to robust alligator leather, you will definitely find any kind of strap that you need. You can get a variety of clasps and buckles both in steel and other kinds of gold. 

In short, there are different types of omega watch straps. But you would only need one for yourself. So, the first thing to do is choose what best suits you. If you love leather go for leather straps. And once you choose a rubber strap, then you can proceed to replace it on your watch with the steps that follows. 

Step Two: Place Your Watch Face Down

Hold your watch and keep its face down on a towel or folded cloth. This will ensure its glass doesn’t get scratched. And also ensure that the cloth is placed on a flat surface such as a countertop or table. 

Step 2: Locate the Spring Bar

Lookout for the place where the watch connects with the band. The Omega watch strap is connected by a spring bar that passes through its loop and attaches to the watch’s shoulders. If you don’t know what the spring bar looks like, look out for a small metal bar. It can be depressing like any other spring. And when the pressure is released it extends on both ends. That’s how it holds the strap and keeps it in place. 

So, hold your Omega watch carefully and locate the spring. Then prepare to detach the spring bar. 

Step 3: Detach The Spring Bar

The strap is held together by the spring bar. So, at this stage, all you need to do is detach the spring bar to remove the existing strap. You can use a special tool called the spring bar tool. But it’s not always necessary. If you don’t have it, then you can use something else that will do the job. Use a flathead screwdriver or anything that’s similar to a flat screwdriver. I know sometimes you might want to try to remove it with just your hands. But that might be a bit difficult. 

Here are the steps to remove and detach the spring bar. 

  • Insert the spring bar or screwdriver into the pronged end where the strap connects with the watch shoulders. To do this, just press the bar from any side and it will work.
  • Gently apply pressure on the tool you’re using. At the same time push it lightly away from your watch. This will push the spring bar down and release it.
  • Remove the spring bars from the Omega watch. You would need the bars to attach the new straps that you want to install.

When you’re detaching the spring bar be careful not to scratch your watch. 

Step 4: Attach The New Strap

Take the spring bar that you removed in the previous step and thread it in the band. But if your new straps have come with their own spring bars, then ensure you use them to fit the watch. 

The next thing to do would be to place one side of the band and solace it in the watch’s shoulders. This is simply putting the spring back where you removed it. And once it’s in place carefully apply pressure downwards using your tools. 

Then repeat the same process on the other end of the strap.

When To Get Professional Help

If you have tried the above method and you can’t still make any progress, then you might need to visit a jewelry store. Get help from people who repair watches and have the right tools. But if you’re confident enough, you can do this on your own. 

Parting Shot

Replacing a rubber strap for an Omega watch is easy. All you need to do is ensure you get the right strap and then follow the simple steps shared with you here. Choose a strap that will serve your needs. But if you can’t do everything on your own, then don’t hesitate to get help. Go to a jewelry store and get it done for you. 

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