Unique And Unusual Body Piercings You’ve Never Heard Of

Unique And Unusual Body PiercingsUnique And Unusual Body Piercings

Body piercing has evolved into a fascinating form of self-expression, with countless individuals choosing to adorn their bodies with jewelry in unconventional and creative ways. While many are familiar with common piercings like earlobes, nostrils, and navels, there exists a world of unique and unusual body piercings that are often overlooked. In this article, we’ll delve into some distinctive body piercings that you might not have heard of, shedding light on their origins, meanings, and the bold individuals who choose to flaunt them.

Dermal Anchors

Dermal anchors, also known as single-point piercings, are a modern twist on traditional piercings. Unlike standard piercings that go through a body part and have an entry and exit point, dermal anchors consist of a single point of jewelry that is implanted beneath the skin’s surface. This creates a unique and eye-catching look as if the jewelry is magically floating on the skin. Common placements for dermal anchors include the chest, face, and collarbone, adding a touch of elegance and intrigue to one’s appearance.

Ear Scaffold Piercing

The ear scaffold piercing, also known as an industrial piercing, is an extraordinary choice for those seeking an unconventional ear piercing. This piercing connects two points of the ear’s cartilage with a single straight barbell, creating a bold and edgy look. A vast array of jewelry options, from simple bars to elaborate and decorative designs, are possible with ear scaffold piercings due to their versatility. If you’re looking for high-quality jewelry for your ear scaffold piercing, consider checking out bodypiercejewelry.com for a wide selection of stylish and unique options.

Medusa Piercing

Named after the Greek mythological figure, Medusa piercings are located in the philtrum, the small indentation just above the center of the upper lip. This piercing is not only visually striking but also carries a sense of mystery and allure. Medusa piercings are often adorned with dainty studs or small gems, accentuating the natural curvature of the upper lip.

Nape Piercing

The nape piercing, also known as the “nape of the neck” piercing, is a subtle yet captivating choice. It involves piercing the skin at the back of the neck, typically just above the hairline. Nape piercings can be adorned with a variety of jewelry, including curved barbells or captive bead rings. This placement allows for a touch of hidden glamour that can be revealed or concealed as desired.

Shark Bites

Shark bite piercings take the concept of lip piercings to the next level. This style involves four symmetrical piercings, two on each side of the lower lip. The result is an edgy, dramatic appearance that commands attention. Shark bite piercings can be personalized with a range of jewelry options, such as labrets, hoops, or spikes, allowing for a unique and customizable look.

Corset Piercing

Corset piercings are a true work of art, combining multiple piercings in a laced-up pattern that resembles the strings of a corset. Typically applied to the back or sides of the body, corset piercings create a stunning visual effect when laced with ribbon or cord. While they are often temporary and done for special occasions or photoshoots, corset piercings are a testament to the creativity and skill of body piercers.

Vampire Bites

For those drawn to the darker side of body modification, vampire bites offer a unique and Gothic aesthetic. This piercing style involves two symmetrical piercings on the neck, often adorned with red or black gems to resemble the bite marks of a vampire. While they may not be for the faint of heart, vampire bites are a striking choice for those who embrace their inner darkness.


Body piercing is an art form that allows individuals to express themselves in countless ways, and these unique and unusual piercings represent just a fraction of the creativity within the piercing community. Whether you’re intrigued by the allure of dermal anchors, the mystery of Medusa piercings, or the drama of shark bites, there’s a world of piercing possibilities waiting to be explored. As the world of body piercing continues to evolve, it’s safe to say that even more extraordinary and unconventional options will emerge for those who dare to be different.

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