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Shoes for womanShoes for woman

What makes or breaks a look more quickly than a killer pair of footwear? They’re the diva of accessories, the cherry on top of every dress, and occasionally, they can be just as significant as your dress itself. There are some footwear that belong in every woman’s closet, no matter her age, style, where she lives, or what she does during the daytime. These pieces solidify the basis of your wardrobe and will get you through any season and trend impeccably.

 Your footwear is the supreme investment, and if you do it right, you can wear them for ages to come. You don’t require a million options, you actually just need a few that you can wear with a broad variety of outfits. If you skip out on fast fashion and chic pairs, you can instead choose ageless options that you know you’ll be just as happy to wear when you pull them out of the cupboard next summer, too. So make your paramount footwear wardrobe with these pieces of footwear listed below, and you’ll never feel like you require another pair.

1. White sneakers:  A classic white sneaker has the capability to make any outfit seem cool, polished, and effortless. No matter what your individual style is, a pair of white sneakers should be pegged as a wardrobe must-have. Whether you are opting for a timeless sneaker style or something a bit ultramodern, like a chunky sole or boot-like high-top, or a pair of retro sneakers, a pair of white sneakers is exactly like a white t-shirt: a foundational piece in your closet that’s forever on-trend and impeccably functional.

2. Loafers: The loafer came onto the scene a few years ago and currently has us wondering how we ever lived without them. They straightaway make the garment appear more cosmopolitan and put-together, and since they’re fully flat, they’re a stylish option for a ballet flat. If you’re a loafer newbie, a classic black pair is your best bet; if your cupboard is already stocked with loafers, pick up a pair in a delightful color or print to spice up your footwear game.

3. Knee-high boots: Over-the-knee boots go in and out of style as the seasons come and go, but is there a boot style that’s always a good choice? One that hits just beneath your knee. They can be paired with anything from your special leather leggings to a short skirt, and they always add more to an outfit than any short boot could. Opting for knee-high boots in either leather or suede will make sure that they’re timeless, so you can wear them at any time of the year.

4. Strappy sandals: A good pair of strappy sandals is arguably the most adaptable form of warm-weather footwear, and you can wear them with anything from denim shorts and a T-shirt to a gown for a wedding. They’re wearable, adaptable, and will add a little “oomph” whenever you want it. 

Sporty shoes: For errands, dog walking, and weekends where you don’t want to get out of a sweatshirt and leggings, a pair of sporty, casual shoes is your best pal. Luckily for us, they’re no longer hard on the eyes like they used to be during our school days. Colorful, neutral, or patterned sporty shoes—pick whatever matches your lazy fit.

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