Glamorous Saree Gowns to Slay at Wedding Events

Saree GownsSaree Gowns

Saree Gowns

From glamorous sangeet nights to lively Haldi ceremonies to dazzling cocktail parties, wedding events are special!  

However, choosing the ideal outfit that complements the event and personality is a daunting task that every woman encounters before they begin to prepare. Opting for sarees is a classic and go-to outfit for many, but what can make it more stunning is adding a modern flair to it. Here is when saree gowns come into the picture! This blend effortlessly complements the grace of traditional draping with the comfort of modern designs. 

Designers play around with captivating styles, fabrics, embellishments, embroideries, and more to craft distinct pieces. From red carpets to celebrity events to weddings, saree gowns have transcended into the fashion world as a symbol of contemporary luxury with comfortable style. 

Types of Saree Gowns to Complement All Wedding Events

Saree gowns continue to redefine elegance without compromising on style and comfort. Each event requires an outfit that suits the best with the vibe and the saree gown’s versatility, styles and craftsmanship make them a must-have wardrobe staple. Here are a few types of gowns that are a must-have addition to every woman’s occasional wardrobe.  

1. Embroidered Saree Gown:

These gowns are known for intricate design and minute detailing that exudes elegance and makes them perfect to style at celebratory events. The sequin embellishments with exquisite detailing create a stunning look. If you are a bride, it is a perfect choice to get a regal and sophisticated look. 

2. Off-Shoulder Saree Gown:

The style perfectly focuses on your neckline! This gown for women flawlessly showcases modern style without compromising its classic essence. From pleated to draped to printed to solid, the off-shoulder saree gown is a versatile style pick to complement at different wedding events.  

Draped Saree Gown: Eliminating the hassle of draping, these saree gowns offer a seamless and effortless appearance. This gown style is an apt pick for those women who desire to style a gown but love the saree aesthetics.   

3. Embellished Saree Gown:

This gown for women is crafted and adorned with embellishments that amplify the outfit’s look. This style takes exceptional care of the people who look for a luxurious outfit that features voguish looks with the reflection of Indian traditional looks. Be it mehndi night or a cocktail party; this saree gown type is a part of every woman’s occasional-wear wardrobe.  

4. Ruffle Saree Gown:

These saree gowns are a perfect option to add a touch of playfulness, volume and drama to the traditional saree outfit. Layers of ruffles cascade down the drape and pallu to elevate the look! Available in printed designs, the ruffle saree gowns make their space in casual and formal gatherings.  

With the fashion trends evolving, saree gowns stand the testament of time and elegance with their voguish styles, comfortable movement and appealing looks. So, if you are confused about deciding which outfit to style, saree gowns can be your go-to option.  

Styling Tips for Saree Gowns at Wedding Events

Saree gowns have become a popular choice to style at celebratory occasions, festivals and pujas. Known for statement-making styles, comfortable drapes and captivating designs, this outfit perfectly balances traditional looks and contemporary style. From choosing the suitable fabric to completing the look with accessories and jewellery, we have revealed some styling tips to make you look effortlessly elegant. 

1) Look for the suitable fabric 

While selecting the saree gown style, you must look for the fabric type that suits the season and blends well with the occasion type. If you are going to a wedding ceremony, opt for rich and heavy fabrics, while if you are attending a Haldi ceremony or other wedding events, you must pick lightweight and flowy fabrics like chiffon, crepe and others. 

2) Focus on Color 

Select the color of your outfit according to your skin tone and based on your event timing. opt for soft pastels for daytime events! 

 3) Pick the Complementing Jewellery 

If you are wearing a heavy work and embellished saree gown, you must go for some minimalistic jewellery. Whereas, for simple and delicate styles, you can choose statement-making pieces.  

However, jewellery choice depends on everyone’s personal style interests. 

4) Accessorise with a Clutch and Bags 

Complement your outfit with designer clutches and purse bags without overlooking the appearance. 

5) Comfortable Footwear 

Make easy movements with comfortable yet elegant footwear. Whether you pick block heels, flats, stilettos or any other kind, ensure you can carry them for long hours. 

Whether you are the bride or amongst those excited family members or an attendee of the wedding events, designer saree gowns offer timeless beauty and make a space in every woman’s closet. Perfect to complement all events, this outfit is a saviour for all. Catch everybody’s attention and be the talk of the town with your captivating appearances! 

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