How to Keep Your Sensitive Skin Happy?

Sensitive SkinSensitive Skin

Sensitive Skin

Whenever we think of the best skin care products, advertisements promising overnight transformations, instant glow, instant fairness come to mind. This is a complete hoax. Skincare is like dieting. Invest your time and effort in it. Don’t wait for overnight miracles. That won’t be happening, anyway! No matter what skin type do you have, follow a skincare routine to get the best results. And, if by chance, you have got sensitive skin then a good amount of care is required.

Reality check: No best skincare products for healthy skin can bring a sudden change to your skin. For the best results, go slow. Sensitive skin is often genetic and immediately reacts to minor stimuli. A little carelessness in your diet or a weather change directly affects your skin. It is very important to maintain a skincare routine that can keep your sensitive skin calm and clear.

Uniqaya has a range of miraculous products, right from sunscreens to moisturizers. If you add them to your skincare routine, they can do wonders for your sensitive skin. Also, buckle up your sensitive skincare routine with our best skincare tips.

Turn Down Long Hot Showers

Long hot showers may give you relaxation from your emotional stress but it troubles your skin at the same time. Try lukewarm short baths, instead. Hot water washes away the protective layer from your skin and thus makes it dry and scaly. It can also bring wrinkles to your sensitive skin. Short showers lasting for three to four minutes are ideal unless you have sweaty skin. 

To relax, take a nighttime shower which may help you to sleep peacefully. Also, don’t forget to dab a little night cream all over the skin before going to bed.

Cleanse Your Skin

With the onset of new weather and changing seasons, the skin ought to collect a lot of dirt during the day. It is all because of the increasing pollution and environmental dust. Choose the best vitamin C cleanser for your face that lightly scrubs away the dirt and keeps the skin clean and hydrated. Feel refreshed every morning with one of the best vitamin C foaming face wash by Uniqaya. The best part? Even though some believe that foaming cleansers are not good for sensitive skin, Unqiaya has formulated the facewash in a way to be suitable for all skin types.

Never Skip Moisturiser

Moisturiser is a bliss for your skin. Do not pay heed to those who say moisturiser is not for the ones with oily skin. Whether you leave your house today or not, do not forget to moisturise your pretty face. Besides adding moisture to the skin, it also adds hydration and nourishment to the skin. Thus, making the face look soft, smooth and plump all throughout the day.

Wear Sunscreen – Even if you are at home

Yes, you heard it right. Sunscreen is to be worn even when indoors too. Why? Home means gadgets. And especially, in the pandemic time, when you spend all your time scrolling Instagram reels on your phone or watching web series all day in your pajamas. These gadgets emit blue light rays which harm your skin in zillion ways. Thus, using a broad spectrum sunscreen will prevent skin damage and photo aging from the gadgets .

 For your sensitive skin, sunscreen will work as a protector and a healer. Choose the one with higher SPF ( 50+++) .When you step outside, the Sun’s ultraviolet rays directly fall on your skin and damage it. These rays enter your skin and cause sunburn, inflammation, hyperpigmentation, and even cancer. UV rays can even penetrate clouds so apply sunscreen on cloudy days too. So, have a broad spectrum sunscreen to protect your skin inside and outside. 

Keep a Check your Beauty Products

A little piece of advice, whenever you buy the best skincare products for healthy skin, check the ingredients. Just don’t go blindly after big brands. For sensitive skin, reach out for ingredients that are calming in nature. Mild and gentle ingredients like coconut oil, aloe vera, and shea butter will work best for your skin. Don’t choose products having fragrances in them. Also, be a little bit careful while applying makeup. Just don’t try all new products on your skin instantly. We always advise you to do a patch test first.

Before going to bed, wash your face with an ultra-gentle cleanser. Never go harsh with your sensitive skin. Treat it delicately.

Lastly – Listen to Your Skin

This is very important. Start noticing, you will get clear signs by your skin whenever it is suffering. Identify the things which trigger your skin. Be it messed up sleep cycle, or unhealthy junk food, or pollution, or lack of water intake. The results will be visible on your sensitive skin. And your skin will start giving you time to time alarms. Listening to those alarms is vital. No matter how many best skincare products for healthy skin you use for your sensitive skin, till the time you don’t work on your routine, everything will be in vain.

The Final Thoughts

Instagram filters are OK. But, nothing can beat the natural glowing skin. So, invest in your skin. Be it money, time, or effort. It is going to be there with you till the end. Next time when you think of beautiful things, don’t forget to count your skin in them. 

Uniqaya believes that you all are beautiful in different ways.

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