Dermaflash Peach Fuzz Remover Solves Facial Hair Problems

Many women have telltale traces of fine hair across their faces, and some areas may be denser than others. There is an easy at-home solution for tackling this problem. Dermaflash is a peach fuzz remover that is uniquely designed for women by women.

The founder, Dara Levy, performed this facial service for years at her medspa. She realized that people all over the world could benefit from the procedure, so she set out to make it available to the masses. Today, fans and celebrities leave rave reviews for Dara Levy and her two dermaplaning products: Dermaflash One and Dermaflash Luxe.

Facial Hair

Peach fuzz can suddenly appear on your brow, chin, or cheeks, or you may have had it your entire life. The hairs are fine and usually lightly colored. Depending on the lighting conditions, the growth can really stand out. Office lights and sunshine can aggravate this facial feature. A peach fuzz remover like Dermaflash quickly and safely whisks them all away.

The Dermaflash System: Peach Fuzz Remover

Dermaflash is a handheld sonic device. It is not a shaver. Rather, it uses dermaplaning technology to lift off dead skin cells that build up on the top layer of skin, and with the same stroke, it takes with it any facial fur.

Dara Levy dreamed up this product and made it rechargeable and the heads replaceable. Levy built two models. The Dermaflash One peach fuzz remover has one setting, and the Dermaflash Luxe powers up to a second speed for an extra dose of exfoliation to increase the anti-aging effects.

The heads slide into both models and lock into place. To begin, slightly tug on the area with your free hand to tighten the skin. Then, move the dermaplane tool along in small, soft motions. You are not shaving the skin. Instead, you are letting the sonic action do the work.


As you do the treatment, you will immediately witness fresh skin. The results are instant. It is not a wait-and-see application. You can do it anytime, at home or on vacation. You no longer have to book spa appointments around your hair growth. Besides having a fuzz-free face and glowing skin, your makeup applications will glide on. Foundation can sit smoothly because the buildup and hair have been eradicated from the surface. Dermaflash has an after-procedure serum that makes the application process even better. This peach fuzz remover does not cause hair to grow back thicker and coarser. The soft, peachy growth will naturally continue to grow, but you can now tackle it anytime, anywhere.

Alternative for Women

Dermaflash is giving women an alternative facial hair removing system, and this one comes with additional perks. It doubles as an exfoliator and age-fighting tool. Before Levy’s device, people would turn to harsh chemical treatments that would melt away hair. These creams and potions can leave the skin irritated and burned. Electrolysis needs to be performed at a facility, and it can cause discomfort. To get rid of facial fuzz, some women take to shaving. This could cause knicks, cuts, and ingrown hairs. It’s clear that Dermaflash is the best option.

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