Top 4 Tips to Become a Lash Technician

Lash TechnicianLash Technician

Lash Technician

There’s never been a better time to become a Lash Technician; the popularity of lash extensions is booming and only looks set to continue. In fact, it’s been reported that lash extensions could actually be becoming more popular than our former long-time fave – mascara. 

With the ‘no-make glam’ look showing no signs of slowing down, the talents of Lash Technicians are more in demand than ever before as more and more people become accustomed to having their lashes done professionally – and shaving time off their glam-routine. 

Training as a Lash Technician can also give you the chance to become self-employed, offering flexible working hours at times that suit you, and managing your own clients and workload. And if you’re already working as a beautician, this additional skill set will allow you to level-up your client offering. 

So if you’re interested in becoming a Lash Technician, here’s what you need to do. 

1.Find a quality training provider

Whilst there is currently no legal requirement to become an Eyelash Technician, you will still need to complete some kind of training to provide lash extensions as a professional service. Make sure you find a quality training operator that can provide all of the necessary training and techniques. It’s important you feel completely confident in your new skills before starting with clients, so great training is absolutely vital and worth investing in.

2.Get qualified

When considering your training options, keep in mind that ones accredited by the Beauty Guild, HABIA or ABT are advised and widely recognised. Another option is an NVQ/VRO qualification – it requires an additional assessment and is particularly advisable if you’re planning on working in a salon.

3.Protect yourself and/or your business

This might seem low down on your priority list, but do make sure you get insurance before carrying out work on any clients. The insurance coverage you’ll need will vary depending on your business. Take the time to carefully check which one is right for you – if you’re working as a beautician already and have existing insurance then you may well already be covered. If not, your options are:

Public Liability Insurance – used to protect your business against claims related to accidents or injuries. This is an important one to cover you in the unlikely event anything goes wrong during a treatment.

Product Liability Insurance – another type of business insurance that seeks to protect you against any compensation claims should anything go wrong relating to a product you have sold.

Employers Liability Insurance –  this one is mostly only relevant if you have people working for you. If you do have any employees (even if they don’t work full time), it’s a legal requirement to take out this type of insurance.

4.Start building your experience and client base

Finally, the fun bit! Start utilising your new found skills to build up a client base. Practise on friends and family as much as you can (they’ll be thanking you!), and take lots of photos of your work to start marketing your services.

A good Lash Technician gets recommended by word of mouth all the time, so once you’ve perfected your techniques we’re certain you’ll have no trouble at all growing your business even further.


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