Here’s How To Buy Makeup Online The Right Way

Makeup OnlineMakeup Online

Makeup Online

Buying makeup from various parts of the world has become easier, thanks to different online selling platforms that offer the latest trends in beauty products. Although more women buy cosmetics from physical stores, there’s evidence that a growing number of consumers are purchasing beauty products online: new data reveals that 20 percent of women are shopping for makeup using their digital devices. Adding cosmetics to your virtual cart may seem like the most convenient way to get your makeup fix, but there are few things that you need to know in order to get your money’s worth. If you’re thinking about shopping for beauty products on the Internet, here’s how to buy makeup online the right way.

Take note of the vendor’s delivery service

Before placing an order, you need to take note of your vendor’s delivery service so you’ll have a general idea when your goods will arrive. A specialized e-commerce delivery service allows you to receive your makeup products in good condition, and it enables you to get full visibility and tracking of your packages. Also, if your vendor uses reputable e-commerce delivery service, you can be assured that your makeup will arrive in one piece. As much as possible, have the vendor take a picture of your products before shipping so you’ll know that it was sent in good condition. If your makeup arrives in a less than perfect state, you can let the vendor know about it, and they can coordinate with the delivery service about having your product replaced.  

Know your shade

If you’re thinking about buying powder, foundation or concealer online, there’s no way to tell if the shade will perfectly match your skin tone unless you’re a repeat buyer. To find the right shade online, check out websites that will give you shade recommendations based on the products that you already use. Some of these sites include the foundation matrix from Temptalia, MatchMyMakeup, and Findation. All you have to do is to input the shade and brand of foundation that you already know is a match for you, and the site will provide accurate matches from other brands. 

Buy direct

Some third-party sellers on platforms such as eBay, Shopee, Amazon, and Lazada offer products that are fake or counterfeit. If the price is too good to be true, there’s a big chance that the makeup that you’re looking at is fake. To ensure that you’re buying the real deal, buy direct from an established retailer, such as Sephora, or your favorite makeup brand’s online store.
Buying makeup online can be fun, but make sure to exercise caution so you won’t have any buyer’s regrets. Know your products and makeup shades, take note of the delivery service, and as much as possible, buy direct in order to have a satisfying online shopping experience. 

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