A Great Smile is Key To Boosting Your Overall Beauty

A smile might seem like a minor thing, but it can have a huge impact on your life. Sorrows, pain, and hatred can be healed with the power of a beautiful smile. Furthermore, a smile can make you appear more beautiful than any piece of clothing or hairstyle else. However, an injured, decaying, or lost tooth can ruin your smile. If you have cracks, chips, or any other signs of wear on your teeth, you should consider the best teeth replacement option to restore your smile and confidence.

The impact of damaged or missing teeth

If your damaged teeth or missing teeth are affecting your overall beauty, ignoring the problem does not make it go away. In addition to ruining your smile, failure to fix the problem can be costly to your oral and overall health. Some of the effects of damaged and missing teeth include;

  • The jaw bone beneath the knocked-out tooth will start to dissolve. This is an irreversible process commonly referred to as resorption
  • The nearby teeth will shift and reposition
  • Flossing and brushing will be challenging, and this increases the risk of developing gum disease and tooth decay
  • Speaking and eating could be uncomfortable and become more difficult
  • There is a good chance you will become too self-conscious about the missing or damaged teeth. This might affect your self-confidence.

Smiling is one of the best ways of showing kindness to those around you. What if you cannot smile due to damaged or missing teeth? Is there anything you can do to restore your smile, beauty, and regain your self-esteem?

Dental implants could be the answer

Dental implants have revolutionized the world of oral care and restoring one’s beautiful smile. By using implants, a dentist can create a more stable and secure attachment for a crown.

A dental implant is simply a titanium tooth-like root that’s positioned into your jawbone beneath your gum line. It allows a dentist to mount a replacement tooth to cover the missing one effectively. The primary benefit of choosing dental implants is that they don’t fall off or come loose like dentures.

Unlike bridges, dental implants don’t depend on the neighboring teeth for support. This protects these teeth from damage. Research shows that a missing tooth leads to bone loss. Therefore, installing a titanium root keeps your jawbone stimulated and prevents jawbone loss. Note that dental implants look like natural teeth, with no telltale ‘clicking’ noise or chewing and speaking challenges associated with dentures.

Wrap up

A great smile spreads happiness, reduces stress, and could get you good relationships. If you cannot smile in public just because you’re afraid that missing incisor or canine would ruin your beauty, there’s still a chance to fix that problem. Schedule an appointment with an experienced dentist in your region. He or she can help you choose the most viable dental care option, and in the end, you will have your jewel – smile – back.


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