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Surprising Benefits, Uses and Side Effects of Baking Soda


Sodium bicarbonate is the scientific name of baking soda. It is very commonly used material at home. It’s very cheaper in rate but very rich in helping properties.

Top 8 Benefits:

1. Best Hand Softener– Baking soda with warm water mix will helps you to clean and soften your hands, and also to avoid dirt and bad odors, simply it is a natural scrub. (Read: Baking soda for acne)

Best Hand Softener

2. Plaque Removal– using baking soda for brushing teeth few times in a month will helps to remove plaque.  Simply it can act as a teeth whitener. We can also mix this with toothpaste for better taste or

you can simply dip your tooth brush in to this soda

Plaque Removal

3. Hair Cleaner– Rubbing hair with hair shampoo which is mixed with baking soda will helps to reduces or remove oils and dirt. (Read: Remedies for white hair)

Hair Cleaner

4. Helps Muscle – This soda is having power of absorbing lactic acids that builds up on muscles during rigorous workouts – this will enhances your athletic performance capability. In normal conditions you can drink a small tea spoon of baking soda with sufficient amount water.

Helps Muscle

5. Neutralizes pH – Acidity up to certain level is required to digest food. However, over alkalize body or high acidic body causes several issues like acidity, arthritis and So putting acidity in control is very much required in this sort of situation consumption of ½ small tea spoon of sodium bicarbonate with a glass of water with empty stomach will really helps. (Read: Urine colors and health status)

Neutralizes pH

6. Urinary Infection Prevention – Acidity in body causes burning urination. Along with that acidic urination is cause of many bacterial infections. So, B.Soda with sufficient ratio of water will helps to reduce the burning sensation which gives quick relief. (Remedies for menstrual pains)

 Urinary Infection Prevention

7. Healing Kidneys – A Research by British scientists at the Royal London Hospital shows that, sodium bicarbonate can dramatically slow the progress of chronic kidney disease. It will also helps to clear kidney stones.

Healing Kidneys

8. Helps in Stomach Upset- If your stomach is upset and digestive issues, B.Soda will helps you – if you use in the following combinations. (Read: Constipation remedies)

Helps in Stomach Upset

8.1  B.Soda + Lemon = Lemon juice with B.Soda will helps your stomach to release gases which are struck in stomach

8.2  B.Soda + Warm Water =  This combination helps in upset stomach to soothe stomach

 Important Points to be noted:

1. If your suffering with serious problems it’s always better to consult your doctor.

2. Baking soda will not harms, if consumed in small doses.

3. Make sure the B.Soda used is fresh.

4. It contains sodium.

5. While mixing with water or lime juice – we should stir it properly for better results.

6. Do not keep the mixed solution for long time.

7. If you body getting hesitated after consumption – take plenty of water and visit your doctor.

8. It will helps our body in normal situations – if you are suffering with any serious chronic disease self treatment or applying remedies on your own without Dr’s examination is not at all advisable.

Top 8 Side Effects of Baking Soda Consumption

1. Avoid Consumption if you are using Medical Drugs – Soda may react with other drugs which you are using, so it’s always suggestible to consult the doctor and discuss about this. So that we can prevent ourselves from side effects.

2. Avoid High Dosage or Long Term Usage – Do not take B.Soda more than 2 small tea spoons – it may cause indigestion because it neutralizes hydrochloric acid and other acids which helps to digest the food.

3. Avoid B.Soda Consumption at Pregnancy time – Better to avoid B.Soda at the time of Pregnancy if Doctor did not suggested.

4. Avoid if your breast feeding your baby – Always take cautions and think twice before consuming this, and assess the health condition of you and your baby, because both of you might be consuming other medicines and the baby might not be flexible with impacts of B.Soda which is consumed by you.

5. Causes Muscle Problems – Sometimes, it causes severe muscle spasms and contractions , we can also observe swelling in feet and lower legs.

6. Removes Enamel – If you use this for longer period of time for brushing then it may remove enamel on your teeth.

7. Toxicity – Heavy usage of soda impacts functioning of brain and heart as sodium bicarbonate break downs in to sodium ions – its an electrolyte which can have powerful effects.

8. Other issues –

Abdominal pain

– Chest pain.

– Other seizures.

Points to be known:

1. Very cheaper and available everywhere.
2. Available in every home widely used to prepare various food items.

3. The chemical formula of Sodium Bicarbonate is NaHCO3.

4. Baking soda is different from baking powder.

5. This item is having multiple properties this is widely used for physical cleaning and it is also having medicinal properties.

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