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7 Beneficial Advantages Of Drinking Turmeric Tea Daily


Turmeric a natural spice is used by Indian from ancient times. It is used as medicine in ayurveda, for taste in cooking, in marriages for glowing skin, for health benefits as well.

How to prepare turmeric tea ?

Take a cup of water. Add pinch of turmeric, boil it at least for 10 mins. Wait until it becomes warm. To this Add a tsp of honey, or pinch of cardamom powder or grated ginger for taste.( Read: Weight loss detox drinks)

Turmeric contains omega 3 fatty acids, lenolinic acids, proteins and many anti-oxidants.

Curcumin is the ingredient in the turmeric, which is responsible for yellow color in turmeric, contains anti-inflammatory properties and immune boosting properties.

Benefits of turmeric tea :

Weight loss :

Consuming of turmeric tea will burn the fats around the stomach. They will control the glucose level in the blood which reduces the weight and maintains weight. (Read: cucumber water for weight loss)

Fights arthritis :


The curcumin in the turmeric, helps to heals and soothes joint pains. In a survey conducted, it was seen over 63 % of people got relief from arthritis, as they had curcumin content in their diet.(Read: Benefits of Tulsi leaves)

Prevents cancer :

papaya is also a good cancer fighter.

Turmeric fights and prevents cancer. The curcumin present in turmeric fights and flushes out the cancer cells, and stops from re growing. Daily intake of turmeric tea will helps from preventing cancer cells to the larger extent. (Read: Nail Growth remedies)

Prevents diabetes :

Fights diabetes

Diabetes depends upon the glucose level. Drinking turmeric tea regularly, will stabilize the blood glucose level and in turn makes diabetes normal.  It works on the beta cells that produces insulin levels, that directly depends on sugar levels. Curcumin also sees the proper functioning on liver.

Fights Alzheimer’s :

Fights Alzheimer’s

It fights the alzheimers, which refers to brain disease. It works on metal toxicity, inflammation and oxidative damage. It settles the brain and prevents from mood swings. By taking turmeric tea, regularly, will help out from depression. (Read: Benefits of castor oil)

Gives a healthy heart :

healthy heart

Curcumin helps to treat endothelium, which is the lining of the blood vessel, this blood vessel dysfunction is the major cause for heart strokes. By taking regular intake of this tea, will help in fighting cardio vascular problem.

Treats acne :

remedy for acne

Not only externally, but internally, turmeric works. Take a sip of turmeric tea daily, it will flush out all the toxins from the skin, thus giving a glowing and neat skin.

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