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Amazing Benefits of Wheatgrass Juice and Side Effects

Wheatgrass Juice

The Scientific name of wheat grass is ‘Triticum aestivum’  – commonly called as bread wheat. It is very widely cultivated wheat species.

Wheat Grass Juice – can be consumed as a supplement, because of its amazing nutritional qualities which will really helps to improve human health. (Read: Side effects of banana with milk)

Top 9 Benefits:

A.Rich in Vitamins & Minerals: It contains many – vitamins, minerals, proteins, and amino acids etc., which will helps to heal in an effective way.

B.Good For Eye: It contains C vitamin – so it’s good for eye

C.Improves Red Blood Cells: We should also know about one of the important green pigments – ‘Chlorophyll’, heavily available in this juice, which really helps our body to build red blood cells.

D.Improves Hemoglobin – It helps to improve hemoglobin, it will improves Oxygen supply to all parts of the body

E.Hair and Nail Growth: It contains vitamin E hence, helps for good hair & nail growth (Read: Remedies for nail growth)

F.Helps in Skin problems: It will really help to recover from skin related problems because of its various vitamin and mineral.

G.Anti-Constipation: It will also improves digestion system, it will leads to liver purification

H.Anti Cancer Qualities: One of the important quality it has is protecting human body from cancer causing chemical, it also helps to heal from cancer up to its best possible extent

I.Rejuvenates body in various ways:

a.It can normalize blood sugar.

b.This juice helps to get rid of bad odors.

c.It can also helps in reducing weight.(Read how to lose weight)

d.Metabolism will be boosted.

e.Cholesterol – levels will be reduced.

Simply, it will rejuvenate our body to best possible extent which wills helps to improve human health quality.

What are the side effects of wheat grass juice?

Top 9 Side effects: (commonly reported issues)

A.Headache: It may cause headache after consuming wheat grass juice according to American Society – in case of this sort of issue please visit your doctor right away for quick relief

B.Allergies: It may cause allergies based on the body condition – within few movements after consuming juice.

C.Rashes: In some conditions it may cause rashes as well ( it’s a kind of allergy).

D.Vomit or Nausea: It may cause an inclination to vomit or nausea which may cause because of body’s intolerance to this juice.

E.Mild fever: Sometimes it may cause mild fever – it’s one of the sign which we can feel if our body not adjusted.

F.Fatigue and Dizziness: This may be experienced some times – because of large amounts of undiluted juice.

G.Weight loss in long run: Consumption of this juice for long time may suppress appetite – that mean it causes weight loss, however it may not good in the long run.

H.Extreme tiredness or Fatigue: During the of detoxification you may experience a bit of tiredness sometimes, it may cause extreme tiredness or fatigue.

I.Constipation: After consumption of this juice, our digestive system may not work as usual instead it may lead to constipation.(Read: Remedies for constipation)

For avoiding side effects we can consume less quantity or as directed by a doctor

Basic points you should know about ‘Wheat Grass juice consumption’:

A.Taste of Juice: It will be with mild sweet taste – however the way consumer feels will vary based on their taste or interest.

B.Do not eat grass pales directly: Some people may try to eat wheat grass pale stalks directly –but it is not advisable as it fibrous pulp is not easy to digest – it’s very uncommon practice.

C.But can chew grass and spit afterward: We can chew wheat grass directly, but do not for get to spit it after chewing – it can help gums and teeth to heal from swelling and bleeding.

D.One ounce in a day initially: One ounce of juice can be consumed in a day at the initial stage.

E.Self Observation Required: As we discussed in side effects session – it differs from case to case, so at individual level one have to observe themselves, to avoid such kid of negative impact – it’s always better to take advice from qualified doctor. So that, Dr. will examine the body and suggest accordingly.

F.Harvest grass for better results: For better results try to grow wheat grass in your own garden or balcony, but little patience required to harvest it, to enjoy best in class wheat grass juice. Do not use any pesticides for growing grass, instead it should be grown in organic way.

G.Do not store for long time for better results: We should not store wheat grass juice for long time – it will definitely lose it’s properties, as it’s may lose the potency of the nutrients, vitamins and other useful properties.

H.Take with empty Stomach: It’s advisable to take it with empty stomach.

I.Powder or Juice: Better to consume juice rather than a power – in terms of taste as powder would be bitter in taste. However, it’s all depends up on choice of the consumer or direction given by a doctor.

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