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What Are The Reasons For Liver Damage

Liver Damage

In human body liver is one of the most important and biggest organ. The activities done by organ – liver are too important. For digesting food consumed by human, to generate energy to all parts of body and also to remove unwanted substances from the body – liver plays a major role without any doubt.

So far many of us thinking that smoking, drinking, panmasala are only the things which can damage the liver. However medical practitioners saying that many foods causes liver failure. (Read: Remedies for lungs purification)

In the below lines we will try to explore the foods which can really damage the liver:

1.Eating more sweet items, especially the items which are prepared with sugar substances can damage the

liver. Over sugar can’t help our body instead it will struck in the liver, sometimes it will transform as fat.

That fat will  affect the functionality of liver slowly.

Eating more sweet items

2. Consuming foods which contains Vitamin-A can helps in eye diseases. However over consuming these

foods  can  effect liver functionality. (Read: Signs of Heart attack)


3.  Drinking cool drinks will damage the liver. Israel Scientists,found that, the people who drank one liter

of fizzy drinks and fresh fruit juices were five times more likely to develop fatty liver disease.

Drinking cool drinks will damage the liver

4. Over consuming salty items will raise liquid percentage in the body. Because of that sometimes liver

diseases  will arise. This will also increase blood pleasure in the body – over blood pleasure may also

impact liver  functionality.

Over consuming salty items

5. Eating more junk foods like chips – can damage liver. These types of foods generally contain poisonous materials which will impact the functionality of liver in long run. So it’s better to avoid these (Read: Remedies for menstrual pains)

kind of foods.

Eating more junk foods

6. If you are using any medicines for too longer period – some of them might show side effects on liver.

So it is advisable to cross check with your doctor once.

medicines for too longer period – some of them might show side effects on liver.

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