Every girl should carry in her Sling bag this season.

Things every girl should carryThings every girl should carry

Do you remember the “Bagwati” of Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara? Well, legends know that Bagwati is a treasure that has lots of stuff inside. We being women carry all essential things in our handbags but what about slings? They are compact bags that need little consciousness while being packed for an outing. 

Stylish sling bags are today’s thing. We have spotted celebrities carrying slings for parties, tours, traveling, and dating. Do you know what they have in their small little sac? Summer has just begun. So keep that in mind. Here we present you some essentials that every girl should carry in her slings this season. 

While you go through many fashion websites you may notice fashion bloggers recommending beauty essentials but we have more important things on the list that is hard to skip especially if you are traveling for work.

Cash/ Card Holder:

We are living in a time where we prefer paying through credit/debit cards. Gone were the days when cash was the sole transaction term. So carrying a cardholder if you don’t prefer cash is the best thing as we don’t want cards to lie around the bag. For this, we recommend a cardholder that will secure our IDS and cards in one place.

Well, if you are an old school like me who keeps little cash for any mishappenings. Then you can keep it folded in a cardholder or small wallet.


The next important thing while stepping out of your home is the keys. There were many instances when I locked myself out of the home. So, it is good to keep extra keys always in your slings.

Lip Balm:

It’s summertime and we feel you. Dry chapped lips are a mood. Keep a small chapstick handy in your sling. We do not recommend you place your finger on your lips due to such a going scenario.


Some tissues are a must in summer. Sweaty face and underarms is a big no. Every time you step out in the sun, it tans you, especially Indian summers is sucking.

Hand Sanitizer and a Mask:

Yes, this is an add-on to our list as per the present Covid situation. Never forget an extra mask and sanitizer to keep you and the community people safe.


If you are on some pills, keep them safe. Especially if you are going on trekking it is good to carry medicine essentials like bandages, plasters, ointments, and medicines as prescribed by your doctor. It is quite sensible that makeup can wait but health cannot.


Yes, girls often forget to keep sunscreen in there. It is said that sunscreens should be applied every two hours. If you are outing in harsh weather conditions always get moisturized sunscreen. It will eradicate your extra luggage and will keep you safe from tan.


Tampons or pads are your choice girls. If you are okay with tampons, they are great to carry in tiny slings. Else you can go for pads. Carrying extra pads/ tampons is always great when your date is around. It will save you from discomfiture. I don’t like asking for personal hygiene items from someone.

Hair Tie:

In this weather, we need a hair knot to keep them dry and frizz-free. A scrunchie or a cluster is all you need. It takes less space and is worth keeping.

Safety pins:

If you are wearing a buttoned shirt or a blouse it is advised to keep a few pins in your bag so that you can roam anywhere stress-free.

A Protein Bar:

Protein bars are great while traveling. They are an energy-packed meal that can be munched anytime irrespective of time and place. It nourishes you and saves you from hunger pangs.

Phone Charger:

We can’t function without gadgets coz we live in a tech-savvy world. Keeping a phone charger is to juice up the battery on the ride.

Water Bottle:

A small 100ml water bottle can make a space in your slings. It is good to hydrate your body during the summer. 

Body deodorant:

Now you will say so many things, how can I adjust them in my small sling. Dear, it is simple, just pick what you like? What you feel is essential for you. I sweat a lot, so deodorant is a must for me when I am out in the daytime.


Going on a date calls for some mints in your bag. To keep your mouth fresh throughout the day, grab some minty fresh candies to boost your confidence.


Wear them and keep them in your sling when you don’t need them. It is to refrain your eyes from getting watery and strained during the hot sunny day.

Pepper Spray:

Are you going trekking or hiking? A pepper spray is a must. Even if you are traveling late at night by cab or metro, pepper spray is easy to use in emergencies. 

Choose what you think is most important for your day. Customizing your sling according to your day is what you have to think about when you stuff your sling. For example, if you are going on trekking small water bottle, sunscreen, tissue, glasses, band-aids, cards, and keys is what you should consider. On the contrary, when you are going for a date night cards, keys, perfume, lip balm, mints, moisturizer, and tissues is all you need.

Hope this helps you!

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