Hair transplant cost in India – affecting factors.

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“Everyone loses hair to some degree,” says Dr. G K Sharma, India’s best hair transplant surgeon. “It is considered normal if the loss does not exceed 50 to 100 hair strands per day.” People who lose a more significant number of hair follicles daily are more likely to develop one or more hair loss causes.

These bald spots are restocked with real hair roots during surgical hair repair. The roots are removed from an appropriate donor site and implanted in the bald areas of the patient’s scalp one at a time.

However, the cost of a hair transplant in India is influenced by various factors. In this article, Dr. G K Sharma will explain the top ten characteristics that affect hair restoration treatment costs.

In India, Dr. G K Sharma is a well-known hair transplant surgeon. He is an expert in advanced cosmetic and hair transplant procedures like FUE and Dense Hair Implantation.

Hair Transplant Surgery Costs are Affected by a Variety of Factors

We understand that cost is a significant concern for many patients regarding hair transplantation. Many factors influence the cost of hair transplantation in India. So here are ten factors that affect the cost of hair restoration:

1. The Degree of Baldness

The price of hair transplant surgery is proportional to the degree of baldness.

2. The Number of Sessions Required

Most hair transplant surgeries take 5 and 8 hours to complete.

There are also rare cases where patients have a lot of baldness and need a lot of grafts.

A single session can have anywhere between three thousand and four thousand grafts implanted. If the graft count reaches five thousand or more, the patient must return to the clinic the next day for another treatment.

3. Techniques for Hair Transplantation

The two most common hair transplant techniques are FUE and FUT.

Individual grafts are extracted using current technology in the FUE technique, whereas the FUT method uses a consistent methodology to extract the appropriate grafts in less time.

When the costs of these two procedures are compared, FUE comes out on top.

4. The Number of Grafts Required

“Graft implantation charges within India normally vary from Rs. 20 to Rs. 100 per graft,” says Dr. G K Sharma, India’s leading hair transplant specialist.

The extent of baldness specifies the number of grafts required, the wished thickness to conceal the baldness, and the availability and features of the donor’s hair.

The number of grafts needed to accomplish the surgery’s transplantation objective will improve if the patient has a high level of baldness.

5. The Clinic’s Location

You may be aware that living costs vary depending on where you live. The same is true for hair transplant prices in India; the clinic’s location is also a cost factor.

As a result, it’s not uncommon to see hair transplant clinics charging different prices for the same treatment in other parts of the country

6. Reputation of the Clinic

Aside from the clinic’s location, the clinic’s reputation is critical. The facility’s importance and popularity also influence the cost of surgery.

Because they provide exceptional care to their clients, India’s best hair transplant clinics may charge a little more.

7. The Qualification of the Surgeon

The cost of hair transplantation in India is determined by the qualifications and accreditation of the various doctors.

For example, you may have noticed that you must pay a higher fee when you visit a doctor who has additional capabilities or certification than usual. The same is true in the case of hair transplantation.

8. Availability of donor grafts

If the patient does not have adequate healthy hair on the back of his scalp, he will have to donate hair from his beard and chest.

It takes more skill and knowledge to remove other body hair because it is more difficult to extract. As a result, the entire procedure will affect the surgical cost.

9. Expertise/Experience of the Surgeon

According to Dr. G K Sharma, hair transplant specialists with a lot of knowledge will undoubtedly have better skills and knowledge regarding hair transplant surgery.

You may have noticed that well-known plastic surgeons charge exorbitant fees, including a high consultation fee. As a result, they may charge a premium for their abilities and expertise to guarantee high success rates and guaranteed results.

10. Consultation

Some hair transplant clinics offer free consultations to patients, while others charge a fee.

During the consultation, you will learn about the various aspects of hair transplant surgery.

This will help you get an idea of the surgery in advance so you wouldn’t have to worry about the uncertainties of the hair transplant procedure.

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