How To Wear LipStick Makeup-Basic Tutorial For Beginners Should Know

Lip Stick MakeupLip Stick Makeup

LipStick Makeup Basic Tutorial

Every woman is beautiful. Lips define the beauty of women. Make up is something which is loved and liked by everyone. But everyone does not afford to go to saloons or parlours and have their makeup done. Here is the easiest lip make up tutorial which any one can try and apply.

Lips are the most beautiful part in the face and it has to be given perfect shape and colour according to your dress, the kind of party you are attending. If you have thin lips give the perfect shape without any botox or plastic surgery.

What you need for lip makeup?

  • Lip balm
  • Lip liner
  • Thin brush
  • Lip stick

Steps To lipstick makeup tutorial:

Decide shape of lips and lipstick color:

Think wisely and choose how you will define the shape of your lips. If you have thin lips, then try to highlight the upper lips a bit up so that the lips look luscious and beautiful.

Choose the color of lipstick. If this for the first time, choose the color that is darker than your lip color.

Exfoliate your lips:

Exfoliate your lips with some scrub, so that the dead skin cells, dry and flaky skin is removed. Rub with a gentle scrub on your lips with tooth brush or fingers. Wash off

Hydrate lips:

After exfoliation, it’s time for moisturizing of lips. Apply a lip balm or Vaseline, if you don’t have lip balm. Leave it for 2-3 min, so that the lips should get moisturized and soft, so that the lips must appear sot, smooth and luscious.

Apply lip primer:

This is optional. If you want your lipstick to last longer, then it’s better to apply a bit of primer or foundation. When you apply to your face, apply the dusty powder slightly on your lips as well.  This keeps your lipstick long lasting throughout the day.

Apply lip liner:

Lip liner is something which gives more definition and shape to your lips. Take a lip liner which is a bit dark or exact colour of your lips. Always sharp the pencil, so that the shape comes out easily. Start from the cupid bow, i.e., from the centre in the shape of ‘V’, and continue to outline the lips. Reach the corners of the lips. Do not lift too much on the upper lips as it looks artificial. Give the bottom of the lips an extra coat, which makes your lip look broad and beautiful

Apply lipstick:

Now its time for applying lipstick. Take the lipstick and apply on the cupids bow and lower lips first. Now take a thin brush and apply on the corners of the lips, see to it that lips are perfectly shaped and coloured with lipstick. After the lipstick is perfectly applied, see to it there is no smudge at the edges of the lips.

Take a tissue paper:

To place the colours evenly on the lips, take a tissue with some powder on it. Place the tissue between the lips and press them. This helps from smudging, excess lips touching your teeth, evenly coloured on the lips.

For glossy lips:

If you want the glossy lips, then take the glossy lipstick. Apply it only on the centre of your lips, to get the glossy effect. Lipstick gloss gives fullness to your lips and face too.

Do some touch up:

After the full final lipstick make up is done, do the final touch up on the face too. Take a thin brush and add some concealer around your lips, so that the lips and lipstick are predefined.


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