Top 12 Amazing Health Benefits of Eating Dates.


The dry fruit date is a very good sweet fruit with amazing health benefits. It works as a medicine to improve our health in many aspects.

Generally people consumes it in various ways such as mixing with milk, yogurt, in a dryfruit sweet etc., however most of the times people consumes it directly as a raw date to enjoy its natural taste. (Read: Benefits of milk with dates)

Consumption of dates gives many benefits – will discuss some of the important benefits

Nutritional values in Dates :

1.Muscle Development:

1. Vitamin A.

2. Vitamin C.

3. Calcium.

4. Iron.

5. Fibers ( Dietary).

6. Sugar.

7. No saturated.

8. fats Other Proteins and Minerals.

1. Muscle Development – Its rich in portions, hence it helps while you’re doing some workouts,playing

sports –even consuming this fruit in young age helps for body growth.(Read: Benefits of Turmeric tea)

2.Bone Strengthening – This dry fruit helps to strengthen our bones. The minerals found in dates like

selenium, copper, manganese etc., make it the best food to avoid bone diseases like Osteoporosis.

Note: One more important thing is bone strength is very much required when we turn older. Hence making

our bones very stronger is very much required.

3.Weight Gain: If you consume dates everyday in any form, helps you to gain weight by strengthening

bones and muscles. (Read: Benefits of Goat milk)

1. Gram of Dates contains approximately 3 calories of energy. Hence its one of the best source of energy

to gain weight and energy.

4.Weight Loss: Eating dates with cucumber paste helps your body to cut down sugar that you consume up

to some extent. But it’s advisable to eat dates at limited quantity if you really wants to lose your weight,

that mean do not eat over quantity. (Read: Diet for Weight loss)    

 The fiber in dates helps you to reduce your belly fat.

 5.Improves Sexual Power: Over centuries, dates have been used as aphrodisiacs and are used to improve

sexual performance. It is a traditional medicine for male fertility.

 How to consume to gain stamina-  Take a cup of milk – soak a few dates in it overnight by adding

cardamom powder  and good quality honey. Next day morning – eat those dates and  drink the milk.   

6.Improves Nerve System: Richness of Potassium in dates helps to improve nerve health.

7.Improves Memory: Dates boosts memory as these are very rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients

that protects our brain from oxidative stress ( actually this is the main thing for memory loss).

 8.Skin health: It contains vitamin B5 – hence it can repair damaged skin cells. This will helps to improve

skin health in few aspects. (Read: Remedies for Beautiful foot)

 9.Prevents Hair Loss: As we know it’s a rich source of Iron, hence it helps to overcome & prevents

hair loss along with this it helps for hair growth.

 10.Cures Anemia: It is rich source of Iron – hence it will cure be useful to cure anemia if you consume regularly.

 11.Improves digestive System: This dry fruit contains fibers and different types of amino acids which helps

our digestive system to function in a better fashion.

12.Strengthens tooth enamel: Because of the mineral fluorine in dates, it helps to slowdown decay of tooth.

 Dry Dates vs Raw Dates:

 Dry Dates:

1. These are bit harder.

2. Contains more carbohydrates.

3. Contains more fibers

4. Can be stored for long time approximately a year.

Raw Dates

1. These are more softer – even kids can eat very easily, but should take care of seeds.

2. Contains less carbohydrates if we compare with dry dates.

3. Contains Vitamin C.

4. Can be stored for approximately 6 months.

Except these things, there is no big difference between other nutrient values.

 Can Sugar patient eat Dates:

Surprisingly several studies proved that postprandial glucose levels did not increasing.

Simply there is no sugar spike can be observed after consumption of dates.

Caution: A diabetic person can eat less than 4 dates.


1. Can eat clean dates directly

2. Can be mixed with milk

3. Can consume along with honey

4. Can be consumed next day after putting dry dates in cup of water over night along with the water.

5. Can be used in various foods, especially sweets preparation

6. Simply it has many nutrients helps in many ways

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