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eye tribulationeye tribulation

Earlier the eyes of people are stronger and the people living in the past never get more tribulations regarding Eye diseases but nowadays the eye diseases are increasing and people need surgery to make their vision clearer. If you are also having any type of problem in lenses of the eyes then you have to contact your doctor and get the solutions from them.

There are many problems and solutions for them are present and one of them is cataract surgery. Here, we will discuss more anent it and will let you the best eye hospital in Hyderabad for the surgery.

What is cataract?

When there is a cloud formation in front of your eye lenses due to your increasing age which leads to the problem of unclear vision in an individual is known as a cataract.

What is cataract surgery?

When the lenses of the eyes get spoiled due to any reason and when there is a need to remove the lens of the eye, generally doctor performs surgery which is known as cataract surgery in which the lenses of the eye are removed and artificial pair of lenses are placed inside the eyes. The surgery is earlier a little difficult but nowadays it is easy because of many new technologies in the industry and hence people can go out just after the surgery.

How can the cataract be treated?

When the cloud form in front of the eyes the only treat payment can be done for it is cataract surgery for that you must have to meet a cataract specialist in order to get performed successful surgery and after that, your vision will get clear.

What are the different techniques for the surgery?

  1. Stitchless surgery of small incision:

In this surgery, there is corneal damage risk and hence it is to be performed very carefully by the cataract specialist. In this surgery, cataract is removed and an IOL is implemented in the eyes.

  1. Phacoemulsification

In this, the corneal incision is only of 3.2 mm and it is a stitchless surgery and after the removal of the cataract, the foldable iron is inserted inside the eyes.

  1. Micro-incision cataract surgery

In this surgery, about 2 mm of corneal incision is done. The surgery is painless and no blood will come out after the surgery. After performing the surgery the patient would go out immediately and there is no need to admit the person.

Best eye hospital for cataract surgery:

For the cataract surgery, the best eye hospital in Hyderabad is “Challa Eye Care Centre” which is located on the Banjara Hills lane, in the Srinagar colony on Road No. 2, and is open on Monday to Saturday and you can get other information from the official website.

The cataract specialist present in the hospital are very highly professional and are performing surgeries from years and curing the cataract disease of many patients.

They are performing well in the Hyderabad and letting their patients get a clear vision once again.

If you have a cataract disease and you want to perform cataract surgery and you live in Hyderabad then you can opt for Challa eye care centre. And if you want to go to any other Eye Hospital then simply you can write on Google best eye hospital in Hyderabad and you will get many options. From there you can select the one which is nearer to you and on which you have a trust. As before performing a critical surgery, the customer must first trust in their doctor in order to get the surgery to be successful and yes because of Technology nowadays surgery is very easy.

We hope your disease will get cured easily!!

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