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7 Reasons You should Do Yoga Everyday

7 Reasons You should Do Yoga Everyday

Do you know that around 300 million people practice yoga around the globe?

Yoga is one of the ancient practices that originated in India.  These are a combination of physical exercises and breathing techniques. They improve both body and mental health.

There are no requirements to do yoga. They can be practiced by anybody belonging to any age group. The basics of yoga are a variety of poses. Each pose is different and provides different health benefits.

Let’s look at a few reasons why you should practice yoga daily

Relieves stress

Yoga has self-soothing techniques. The various asanas in yoga promote relaxation of the body and brain. They reduce anxiety instantly. Various asanas like savasana, uttanasana, balasana, etc help in reducing depression and panic attacks.

They also reduce sleep-related problems and promote good quality and quantity of sleep. The various patterns of breathing in yoga asanas control the secretion of the stress-causing hormone – Cortisol. Since all the stress triggering factors like disturbed mind, hormones, sleeping habits are corrected by yoga, you can lead a happy and healthy life.

Boosts immunity

Yoga stimulates our important internal organs like the lungs, heart, brain, and digestive system, making them healthier than before. The various breathing patterns involved in yoga helps in flushing out the bacteria present in the lungs and airways. Apparently reducing the risk of getting cold, flu, and other lung diseases. It heals and enhances every cell in the body.

The white blood cells and antibodies which are responsible for the body’s immunity are also boosted through yoga. The metabolism of the body is improved. Thus the immunity power of the body is boosted.

Improves heart health

Yoga eliminates bad cholesterol from the body. It also lowers blood pressure and reduces the risk of heart diseases. It improves the blood circulation to the heart and balances the heartbeat. It helps in the prevention of heart strokes and attacks. It also slows down the progression of persisting heart diseases.

Tones your body

Yoga is a great method to lose your excess weight and tone your body. It prevents the accumulation of bad cholesterol and fat in the body. There are various asanas that help in the reduction of fat in various parts of the body like belly, thighs, etc. The improved blood circulation burns extra calories.

Yoga not only helps in weight loss but also in weight gain. There are a variety of asanas that boost the digestive system and help in gaining weight. These asanas improve your appetite and balance the hormones resulting in better stamina.

Thus, the regular practice of yoga helps you to tone your body by maintaining a balanced weight in a healthy way.

Improves the strength of your body

Although yoga might seem simple, it takes great strength to balance your body in various postures. It involves stretching of muscles in various ways. This improves the flexibility of the muscles and joints of our body. Every pose in yoga triggers a group of muscles in our body. Practicing various asanas will help you in strengthening the muscles.

Joint health

Yoga is a gentle physical exercise. It doesn’t put excess load on the joints like other exercises. These soft movements of yoga strengthen the muscles around the joints. They also improve blood circulation. Various asanas like Vrksasana, Trikonasana, Virabhadrasana, Savasana, etc improve the density of bones. It strengthens the spinal cord, other bones, and joints. The regular practice of yoga makes the bones resistant to minor fractures and sprains.

Improves posture

Yoga is a balancing practice. It lightens tight areas and strengthens weak areas. This strengthening and stretching asanas tighten your muscles and help in correcting your posture naturally. This will also reduce back and neck pains.

There are many more amazing reasons for you to involve yoga in your everyday schedule. Yoga retreat centers are now established in various parts of the country as people are adapting it widely. There are certified yoga professionals in these centers who train yoga enthusiasts. They also play a prominent role in providing the right guidance and spreading awareness about our ancient practice – yoga.

Yoga has the capability to cure almost every disease. The regular practice of yoga prevents us from the claws of various dreadful diseases. This can be only possible with the regular practice of yoga. Many diseases are treated through yoga therapy in a few hospitals and also in yoga retreat centers. It is recommended to practice yoga from a young age for a healthy and long life.

What are you waiting for? Start practicing yoga and witness the magical changes that will happen in your body.


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