10 Surprising Factors That May Trigger an Acne

It is never a welcome sight to look in the mirror and discover that you have suffered an unexpected acne outbreak and it is also frustrating when you are not sure why it has happened in the first place.

There are a number of ways to look after your skin such as using a purifying face wash, and you can look at reneerouleau.com for more details on that, but there are also some surprising factors that might trigger an acne outbreak which you might not be aware of.

Here are some pointers on some everyday habits and actions that might trigger an outbreak.

Be selective with your skin products

It is not unusual to have a number of different skin products that you like to use on a regular basis but there is a chance that if you are using too many at the same time it could aggravate your skin and lead to an acne outbreak.

Switching around products or introducing a new one to your beauty regime will introduce new ingredients to your skin and that could lead to irritation and a breakout.

It can take at least a month for your skin to settle down to a new product so you might want to find what works and stick with it, or be prepared for a bit of skin turbulence when you try something new.

It’s all too easy to make things worse

If you suffer a breakout the natural response is to use some spot treatments to treat the problem but that could actually make the situation worse.

It is not the ingredients themselves that are the issue but its more a case of overuse can exacerbate the problem.

It’s perfectly fine to use spot treatments but us them sparingly and try to be patient rather than blitzing your skin.

How you remove your makeup can make a difference

You will already be aware that using certain cosmetics on your skin can clog the pores of your skin but even if you are wearing mineral makeup to counteract that situation you still need to wash your face thoroughly at the end of each day.

A combination of makeup together with dirt from a day outside can easily cause clogging of your pores which can trigger an acne outbreak.

The answer is often to ensure that you wash your face thoroughly before you retire for the night.

A different location can upset your skin

One of the last things on your mind when you are sunning yourself on a beach and enjoying a well-earned vacation is how the change of location might be affecting your skin.

However, a change of environment where you are exposed to an increased level of sun or humidity, for instance, can cause your skin to react.

Try using a sunscreen with zinc oxide to help reduce the stress to your skin that a new location can inflict.

Watch your diet

The old adage of you is what you eat often rings true when it comes to how your skin reacts to your diet.

The bottom line is that if your diet is heavily loaded with high-carb foods it can make you more vulnerable to acne.

You might also be more vulnerable to breakouts if you have a lot of dairy products, so think about what you are eating if you are experiencing regular acne breakouts.

Keep calm

Another known trigger for breakouts is when you are stressed.

It should be said that stress is not a direct cause of acne on its own but the hormonal changes you experience as a result of feeling stressed can upset your skin balance.

It’s not just oily skin

If you asked most people what type of skin caused breakouts they would almost universally suggest that oily skin is the main culprit, however, dry skin can also be a problem that leads to breakouts.

The specific problem with dry skin is that the tiny cracks that you can’t see are capable of harboring bacteria that can then develop into acne.

Aim to keep your skin fully hydrated if it is dry or you might get a surprise and an unwelcome breakout situation to deal with.

Are hair-care products the problem?

You always want to look your best and that often means styling your hair in the morning as part of your daily routine.

What you may not know is that breakouts caused by hair-care products is not an unusual situation.

The issue is that styling products can cause some oils to work their way into your forehead and that has the potential impact of holding the type of bacteria that can cause acne to remain trapped in your skin.

Once those clogged pores become inflamed you are on your way to a breakout, so be mindful of this and consider using a facial cleanser to wipe away any oily deposits.

Clean your phone

Many of us tend to spend a good few hours of each day with a phone pressed to the side of our face and that could be causing you to suffer some skin problems.

There is a fair chance that your cellphone will have some bacteria on it and there is actually a recognized affliction caused by this scenario which is known as acne mechanica.

Basically, this is pimples caused by friction and transferring bacteria from your phone to your skin.

Use an antibacterial wipe on your phone to keep it clean and think about using hands-free if you can, in order to keep your skin away from the prospect of acne mechanica.

Be careful with topical products

If you are trying to remove some unwanted facial hair your actions could be creating the perfect environment for a breakout situation.

There is a fair chance that topical products used for hair removal could be comedogenic, which means they have the capacity to clog your pores and encourage acne.

Try using a warm compress if you develop a rash in order to help prevent acne developing.

Be mindful of these surprising factors and it could help you avoid an unexpected breakout problem.

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