Why The Colors You Wear At Work Are Important

he colors you wear to work matter more than you know. When it comes to dressing, most people fall under one of two groups; those who dress to impress and express their personality, and those who don’t give a dime as long as they’re dressed socially acceptable and have gotten the basics. Frankly, no one really cares that much as long as you’re not crossing some line. However, you’d be surprised to find out how the colors you dress might hugely affect your performance at work. Fabrics, such as rayon challis fabric, play the same role. Would you believe it when you hear the color you wear is capable of making you concentrate better, or  get heard easier? Well, you better believe it because it’s backed by science.

 Honestly, most people settled for the jobs they’re doing. Some might be at the I-swear-on-my-lunch-if-my-boss-says-this-one-more-time-God-help-me situation. It’s understandable; nine of ten people hate their jobs for whatever reason. But that’s not the way you thought you’d be spending your 30’s or worse 50’s. You deserve to at least have a good time if you’re going to spend most of your day doing a certain task. That is where the colors you wear to work come in. 

Color has the power to switch it up for you, it’s a thing. When you’re having a presentation, most people prepare for it but never think about the color to wear. But when you incorporate certain colors to your outfit, it’s able to make you feel calm, confident, and serene, which is a vibe that will be felt by  your listeners too. Here are more reasons that will have you thinking twice about wearing or not wearing certain colors to work.


It is true what they say; you never get a second chance to make a first impression. Truth is, your brand, or how you dressed goes before you when you step through the door. It is inevitable, that is why the colors you wear matters. Certain colors help to strengthen a particular vibe. If you are the boss, you want to exude power but also be approachable or friendly. In such a case, the color of your clothes won’t entirely redefine your identity but it will help you present yourself and have the effect you wish on people. Additionally, you might want to keep in mind the colors you wear at work go beyond just fashion. It is for a greater course, but if you don’t like a certain color, all you have to do is let it complement your main theme. For instance, black exudes power and sophistication but can be intimidating if worn too liberally. Therefore have it on your shoes, tie, belt, and trouser but choose a shirt of a different color.


When you’ve been chosen to speak on behalf of your company or something along that line, the worst thing you could wear is timidity. Don’t get it wrong though, you definitely need to appear friendly but you also need to have something on you that says, hey I’m worth listening to. Before you say a word, the colors you wear have the potential to win over the audience unconsciously. They, however, have the same opposite potential if you have it all wrong. Therefore, dress in a power color that also gives friendly energy such as blue, purple or green. It doesn’t have to be overbearing, it could be as simple as having an emerald green color being dominant around your wrist.


Organizations are not only always on the lookout for competent employees at doing their work but also a team builder. This is a person who can gather other employees and influence them to achieve a certain objective. It is a winning personality in every aspect. Therefore, to win over your fellow employees, you need to step away from power colors but still look reliable. Keep away from something that stands out from the group. With this, you want to unconsciously show them it’s a give and take situation and you’re part of them. Choose a color that enhances the darkest shade of your eyes. Since it’s the window to your soul, it somehow shows honesty and reliability. Moreover, too much color will attract attention to your outfit rather than the work at hand.

4.Promotion Or Job Interview

With something such as a promotion or job interview, you’re required to stand out. Your nature of work will also determine which colors you’ll wear. If it’s a darker occupation that requires you to exude seriousness and trustworthiness, then the typical black, grey or navy would do. But with that, add something that will make you stand out. Chances are, other applicants will be clever enough not to wear neon green suits for an accounting job interview. Therefore, you can play around with the shirt, tie or square pocket. But if the industry is creative and allows personality, you can let your light shine bright. Become memorable with your own sense of style, that alone can get you employed or promoted.


Confidence is one underrated value needed in any type of work. This is where you get in a room and your presence is automatically felt. That seems like a lot to ask but it’s not as hard as it seems. Well, it also has to do with your mindset but the colors you wear can help you be a work in progress. Before you go to work, you need to make sure you’re comfortable with what you have on. This is because if not, you will feel very insecure for reasons no other person can tell but definitely feel the energy. Therefore, you need to feel confident in your style and color. If you totally don’t love a certain color, then do it for trend. Somehow, when you love something, people tend to notice and you’ll get the same effect that a certain color would have given you.

Whichever color you chose, remember when you are serious about your appearance, people will treat the same; as long as your behavior matches of course. You shouldn’t feel the pressure of out dressing everyone else but dress well and with appropriate colors. You will see the difference in your work, relations and finally, you will look forward to something every morning. 

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