Are Clear Contact Lenses Better Than Color?

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Colored contact lenses come in a wide range of tints and hues to revamp our looks effortlessly. With the help of a contact lens, one can flaunt a blue or grey-colored eye instead of their natural eye color. Color lenses can go from dramatic hues to more subtle, transparent designs. The tints can be classified into three categories – visibility, enhancement, and opaqueness. Even though colored lenses are favorable to those who want to change their look, some would argue that clear contact lenses are better than colored ones. But are they?

First of all, it’s important to know that color contacts have no medical need. They can be with or without power depending upon your vision needs. For example, if you do not need support with your vision, you can still choose to switch up your look by opting for contact lenses without power. On the other hand, you can also opt for color contacts with power to better suit your needs. Read on to find out whether clear contact lenses are better.

Colored Lenses Are Not Much Different From Clear Contact Lenses

As said already, colored contacts have no difference from the regular ones except for the color. These lenses have a counterpart with the same design as a transparent lens. They both fit the surface of the eye seamlessly and can help you to achieve a different look whether you’re using them as an alternative to glasses or to brighten your eyes. 

Are Colored Contact Lenses Less Comfortable?

Since colored contact lenses are often worn for short periods of time, the comfort of the lens may be less comfortable. This can be due to colored lenses being slightly more thicker and less malleable than clear contacts. Companies who create clear contact lenses ensure the lenses can be worn throughout the day with ease by using premium materials such as silicone hydrogel.  

Colored Lenses Can Be Worn Anytime

One does not necessarily need corrective lenses as per the doctor’s prescription to wear the colored ones. It doesn’t matter whether a person has perfect or powered eyesight, one can consider wearing them even if they do not have any visual issues. If you wear prescribed lenses, you can always discuss the possibility of switching to colored contact lesnes.

Visiting the Doctor is Mandatory

While it is true that everyone can wear lenses if they want to, it must be kept in mind that these are usually for medical purpose. Therefore, one still needs to visit their eye specialist for a written allowance to avoid complications. Always purchase your contact lenses, clear or colored, from an official eyewear brand to avoid infection caused by poor manufacturing.

Wrapping Up

So, are clear contact lenses any better or worse than colored eye lenses? Well, it’s all down to preference. There aren’t any such differences between the two except the cosmetic changes and the price as colored ones are slightly costlier than the clear ones because of the added tint and other design details. Which do you prefer?

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