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What Types of Glue On Nails Are There?

When you think of glue on nails, you might think of your mom or aunt applying them back in the early eighties.  Thankfully, glue on nails have grown up, and we couldn’t be happier.  Far from the thin, plastic press-on nightmares of long ago, today’s glue on nails are long-lasting, durable, have the same look and feel of salon acrylics, and are effortless to apply.  One try and you’ll definitely be hooked.  Don’t be surprised if you find yourself turning to your glue on nails instead of booking an appointment at the salon.  

If you’re concerned that you won’t have the plethora of options for style, color, and shape that you have at the salon, rejoice.  There are so many options available for glue on nails that you will literally never get bored.  Combining different colors and designs allows you to create hundreds of decorative options.  Here are just a few of the options available for glue on nails.  


Glue on nails come in every imaginable shape you could desire.  Available in varying lengths, you can pick the shape and length that works for your style, mood, or event.  The ability to apply, remove, and reapply at home means you can change up your style on a whim.  Here are just a few of the shapes available in glue on nails.  

  • Round.  The shortest and most natural looking of all nail shapes, round nails barely extend past the tip of your finger and curve slightly at the top to hug your natural finger.  
  • Coffin.  A trendier shape, coffin nails are wide at the bottom and taper off toward the top.  They are squared off at the top to create a coffin-like shape.
  • Oval.  A true classic, the oval is the quintessential feminine nail tip.  A dramatic curve at the tip of the nail gives these shapes their iconic look.
  • Stiletto.  The edgiest of the nail shapes available, stilettos come to a point at the tip of the nail and are eye-catching and dramatic.  


There’s really no limit to the amount of colors and finishes available for glue on nails.  There’s zero chance of becoming bored with the different style and color combos you can create with glue on nails.  Here are some of the most popular nail finishes available for glue on nails.  

  • Glossy.  These nails are finished with color that has that desirable, just painted, “wet look.”  Glossy nails are the industry standard and keep your digits looking freshly manicured for days after application.
  • Matte.  Matte nails bear a muted, beautiful finish that is understated yet eye-catching at the same time.  Matte finishes look polished and professional.
  • Glitter.  This finish says it’s time to party.  A glitter finish is perfect for an evening out or even a fun event.
  • Chrome.  If it’s an edgy finish you crave, then chrome is the way to go.  Chrome finishes appear metallic and industrial, and are definitely trend-worthy.  


The beautiful thing about glue on nails is that you can determine the length you want on your own, or leave them as is.  Length is largely determined by shape; round shapes are naturally shorter than other lengths, and stiletto shapes are always going to be longer.  However, if you want a stiletto nail in a shorter length, you always have the option to clip and file the glue on nail down to the exact length you want.  You can clip and file glue on nails just like your own natural nails.  

There are a plethora of glue on nails available on the market today.  To find the ones that work best for you, do your homework.  Find a reputable, boss-babe company that keeps you in mind and creates products that you want and need.  

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