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Beauty Tips for Caulfield Cup 2019

When it comes to rocking your outfit for a racing event, it slightly varies from a regular cocktail event. Caulfield is no different from other racing events; however, there is no strict Caulfield Cup dress code. What drives the fashion sense is the developing fashion trend over the last several years. During this day, many choose bold fashion statements. Naturally, you will want to have your best look at the Caulfield Cup 2019, and below are some ideas that could come in handy.

Beauty Tips for Women

The Caulfield Cup, being one of the events that are the most star-studded, requires the ladies to have a suitable dress code. An option that is both feminine and stylish is a billowing full-skirt that has a mid-length hemline, combined with a well-fitted top. Lace or lace-trimmed garments perfectly match spring events, also adding a romantic touch to the outfit.

You could also opt for a white-on-white style, a perfect color on scorching days. Another option is color blocking; it will make you stand out. You can use one solid color or two contrasting colors. You can complement a solid neutral tone with bright and bold accessories.

Accessories are an essential finish off for your choice of style. Heels are always preferable, but if you want an almost similar alternative for an easier time when walking, you can go for pumps or wedges. For the tips for applying makeup, apply just natural and minimal makeup, and be well-groomed. Ensure your hairstyle is comfortable and not exaggerated; it is essential for an outstanding style. Hairstyles should complement the dressing style.

Men’s Dress Code

As a gentleman, this is also your time for shining. The Caulfield Cup is simply about sophistication and tradition, a perfect time for wearing a suit. In this event, get to experiment with colors and patterns and allowing your personality to shine.

Floral prints and checks are a sweet alternative to solid jackets. Among the most popular colors are pink and blue pastel shades, emerald, and natural tomes such as khaki and sand.

Include a crisp white button-down for a summer look. For the more daring, paisley or floral shirt will compliment your solid colored suit. Do not go for traditional charcoal or black outfits as they absorb heat.

Use lightweight and breathable fabrics, jackets should not be padded, or linen and pants should be well-fitted and tapered. A pair of oxford or brogues shoes will finish off your look, plus a pocket square and cufflinks, or a bowtie.

Coordinating with Your Partner’s Outfit

To coordinate a partner’s outfit might be complicated and could take a little sacrifice. However, it is essential to make sure that you are coordinated to steal the event’s spotlight. Coordination does not mean that you have to match the outfit, but instead, it means having the same formality level of dressing, and some subtle coordination of colors. Allowing the woman to choose her outfit first and then the man complementing it by a shirt, tie, or blazer selection in flattering hues is usually easier.


the Caulfield Cup is not only one of the top Spring Racing fashion events, but it is also one of the most significant annual fashion events. Although the event does not have a strict dress code, you want to be sure to stand out. This is your day to choose bold colors and make a statement with your dressing choice. Therefore, if you are planning on attending the Caulfield Cup, ensure you catch the spotlight, and we have given you some crucial tips to ensure you do.

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