How to Apply Strip Lashes


Many women today are terrified at the thought of applying strip lashes. Thankfully, it isn’t nearly as bad as you may have been led to believe. In fact, with a little practice and patience, you’ll be able to apply them in a matter of a few minutes. 

Let’s talk about some tricks of the trade that will make your life easier. Following these steps will ensure that your falsies stay intact throughout the day.

Getting Started

Since it’s unwise to get strip lashes wet, you want to get your shower out of the way first. Next, apply your makeup as you normally would. Doing this prior to working with your lashes will make the process much easier.

With that out of the way, you want to begin by lightly curling your real eyelashes. This will give the falsies more room to be applied.

Gently pinch a corner of the strip lashes and pull them from their packaging. Doing so will prevent damage to the lashes.

For the next step, you may use either your fingers or tweezers. If you’re a beginner, you may find that using a pair of tweezers is easier.

Bring the falsies up to your eyelid to see how much needs to be trimmed off. You may also rest them on your real lashes to better gauge the size difference.

With scissors, trim off any unneeded portion of the falsies. Don’t pitch them, as you may need them momentarily. Now you’re ready to use the glue.

Run a small amount from one end of the lash band to the other. Remember, it doesn’t take a lot of glue to be effective. Once applied, wait about 15 seconds. This will give the glue time to become tacky.

Gently bend the falsies until both ends of the lash band are touching. This helps the glue spread evenly across it. And with that, you’re ready to put the lashes on your eyelids.

Applying Strip Lashes

You’re halfway there. Now you just need to position your mirror so that you’re looking down into it. Doing this makes the application process a lot easier, as you’ll soon learn. 

When you look straight into a mirror, it’s very hard to properly line up the falsies with your real lashes. By looking down, your eyelashes rest in a way that leaves more room for the strip lashes to sit. 

Looking directly into a mirror also tends to cause you to close the eye you’re working on. Having your mirror below your face eliminates this problem. Your eyelids will be lower, but not completely closed.

Now you can safely position the strip lashes. You may need to slide them to either side until they are centered. When you have them in a satisfactory spot, use your tweezers to squeeze together your real lashes with the strip lashes.

This is optional, but you can apply the trimmed lashes to the corners of your eye. This will help fill in any places that need more volume.

If you wish, you may add some eyeliner to help blend in the lash band. It’s best to avoid using mascara, however. It will damage the falsies over time, reducing their ability to be used multiple times.


Don’t feel discouraged if you have trouble with it the first few times. It’s a process like anything else that takes practice and patience. Stick with it, and before long you will be able to apply strip lashes in your sleep.

You may rewear them a dozen or so times before they need replacing. All it takes is some simple cleaning and care to get the most out of your falsies.

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