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Laser Treatments in Melbourne: Things People Need to Know

Laser treatments are one of the advanced methods to get rid of all the unwanted hair. This cosmetic procedure has been trending at Melbourne and as well as the other countries. Unlike the traditional waxing, plucking, and shaving of the hair, cosmetic laser treatments result in no prickly bumps and smoother skin; truly, this is a dream come true. 

However, as good as it may seem, it is always good for people to learn some facts before deciding to consult an expert. As such, here is a rundown on all the necessary ideas clients should know. 

How does the process is carried out?

As being said, laser treatments are the revolutionary cosmetic procedure trending today; this has become well-known in almost all places in the world. In Melbourne, there are a lot of reliable centers and clinics that offer this treatment; however, no matter how expensive or cheap they could be, these facades still follow the same rules and procedures. 

In general, laser treatment uses a medical-grade laser that is utterly safe for cosmetic; this sends a concentrated beam straight into the pigment of the follicles of hair. This very same light will transform into heat and destroy the hair roots blocking the blood supply to stop the growth of the new hair. 

Laser treatments require adherence to strict rules and have to only be administered by a professional and qualified dermatologist. Also, the equipment used must be approved by the TGA. 

The number of sessions needed

The advanced skin and cosmetic laser treatments in Melbourne cannot produce a good result in one go. Individuals will have to sit through the treatment for a few more sessions because the laser only works on the hair that is actively growing. Since the hair strands have different stages for a growth phase, this makes them impossible to be treated in one session. 

The quantity of sessions depends on the skin tone, the volume of the hair, and the area that’ll be treated. The accommodating personnel will inform the client of the number of procedures and the time required for each break. 

What to expect on its result?

Laser treatments are not as painful as most people believe, its sensation is just like a pinch. Depending on the area and the skin tone of the patient, the intensity of the procedure can sometimes be unbearable. 

Unlike the usual shaving, plucking, and waxing of hair, the advanced skin and cosmetic laser treatments in Melbourne produce smoother and less bumpy skin. However, this procedure is not permanent – a very common misconception. Laser treatments only delay the growth of the hair; after a few months, the hair will naturally grow back due to the hormones and other factors of genetics. Furthermore, the extent of this regrowth differs from one person into another since every person has a different body. But, the common aspect that people can share is to enjoy and have a long period of freedom from shaving and waxing.  

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