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21 Unique and Beautiful Mehndi Design Patterns in 2018

Mehandi Patterns

Mehndi designs are of different patterns and designs. Each pattern is unique and traditional. For any occasion either be marriage or pooja mehndi is referred to as good luck(shagun), specially in Indian traditional families.

Check out the different patterns of mehndi designs.

1.Arabic Bridal Mehndi Design :

Bridal mehndi may be arabic, rajasthani or marwari, anything is beautiful. Download the latest beautiful Arabic bridal mehndi designs.

Arabic bridal mehndi design 121

2.Back Hand Black Mehndi Designs:

Back hand black mehndi designs are unique and symbolic. The mangoes are drawn step by step, with small beads and net beads within it. The fingers are designs with neat bead designs. The wrist is designed with bangle design.


Back Hand Mehndi Design

3. Foot Glitter Mehndi Designs:

Glitter mehndi designs are very much in fashion now. These designs contains floral with leaves. The edges and centre designs are given the glittery touch. Even the fingers are given the effects of small flowers with glitters.

Beautiful foot mehndi design

4.Arabic Mehndi Designs:

Arabic mehndi designs are the trendy yet ancient mehndi designs. These designs are followed mostly in the countries like India, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Bridal mehndi design

5.Latest Eid Mehndi Designs :

Download the latest Eid mehndi designs and enjoy for this Eid. This Eid eat, drink and donate with your beautiful hands.

Easy and appealing Eid mehndi design

6.Elegant Mehndi Designs For Youngsters:

These are the special designs, designed by kids. Grab the latest collection of kids mehndi designs. these are cute, simple and unique.

Elegant mehndi Designs For Youngsters

7.Eye Catching Mehndi Design Full Hands:

Here are the eye catching mehndi designs that attract all ages. This festival these designs are much in demand. not even girls, even boys are well-versed in applying mehndi designs.

Eye-catching mehndi design full hands

8.Flower Mehndi Design:

The flower mehndi designs are specially at back hand looks cute. These mehndi’s are simple and elegant. These designs are specially for starters and beginners who are learning into the mehndi design world.

Flower Mehndi Design

9.Full Hands Bridal Mehndi Designs:

Bride has to get ready, in the fullest way possible. A bride is complete with her mehndi. It is supposed to be good luck and charm. Download the latest full hands bridal mehndi designs


Full Arm Length Mehndi Design

10.Hand Feet Striking Mehndi Designs:

The same to same design mehndi for hands and legs are trending now. The designs here are just apt for the youngsters and modern brides. The red colored nail polish is a must for every bride.


Hand feet striking mehnid design

11.Eid Mehndi Designs:

Eid is known for purity, double this purity, by applying these mehndi designs. These designs are of flowers, leaves, net beads and more.


12.Red And Black Floral Mehndi Designs:

The red and Black mehndi floral designs are much in fashion. The outline of the flowers are given the black mehndi. while the inner layer is shaded with mix of black and red mehndi.


Light red and black floral mehndi design

13. Rose Mehndi Designs:

Hands are the rose gardens. your hands are designed with roses and dots all over the hands. In the centre of the palm is designed with big rose, while all over the hand, small roses are designed.


Modern and fancy new mehndi design

14. Bangle Mehndi Designs:

The bangle mehndi designs are unique yet stylish. these best suits to doctors and software engineers, who does not wear enough of mehndi’s, as it would be against their profession.


New-Picture-9-769x1024Partially Circular Borders Mehndi Design

15.Black Arabic Floral Mehndi Design:

Flowers with four petals quoted with black mehndi and inner shade is shaded with red mehndi. These are gorgeous are nice to look at.

Simple Floral Mehndi Design

16.Simplest Indian Mehndi Design:

These are the latest rajasthani designs, the speciality of these designs are, you will be seeing 2 or 3 types of mehndi design patterns in it.  With circle designs in the center connecting bangle design by the other two sides is worth watching.

Simplest Indian Mehndi Design

17.Stylish Mehndi Designs For Girls:

The circle and whirlpool designs are attracting the teen girls. These designs are applied at the back of the hand specially with black mehndi.



Stylish Mehndi Design For Girls

18.Marwari Full Mehndi Designs:

Marwari mehndi designs are known for traditions, customs and values. these designs replicate some stories. The below design is beautiful to look at with combination of black and red mehndi, with lotus and flowers all over it.

Top black full mehnid designs

19.Traditional Flower Mehndi Design:

This is lovely! The entire hand is designed with flowers, petals, leaves and mangoes. the beauty of mehndi designs are clearly seen in these mehndi designs. the inner part of flowers and leaves are shaded lightly, by giving black menhndi the outer touch.

Traditional Flower Mehndi Design

20. Jewellery Mehndi Designs:

Your hands get beauty if the hands are designed with mehndi plus your fingers are decorated with nice finger ringers and bracelets.


Unique appealing mehndi design

21.Zigzag Mehndi Design:

The zigzag mehndi designs are unique, these designs specially match the long palms and long fingers. the design of the beauty comes out with long finger nails.

Zigzag Mehndi Design


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