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Latest Foot mehndi Designs For All Occasions

foot mehendi

Mehndi is known for royalty, occasion, festival, celebrations. These celebrations can be in the form of marriage, reception, parties, engagement or any other auspicious occasion. Whatever be the occasion, mehndi must be applied. It adds colors and beauty to bride, groom or any one.

Try out the latest trending foot mehndi designs trending in 2018

1.One Line Simple Foot Mehndi Designs:

foot mehandiThis the simple design for beginners to learn, with simple designs of flowers and leaves all over it. Simple, beautiful and unique.

2. Arabic Bridal Foot Mehndi Designs

foot mehandi

The bridal foot mehendi designs, embellished with peacock, flowers and leaves all over it.  A bridal mehndi is not complete until the red nail polish is not applied.

3. One Line Leaves Foot Designs

foot mehandi

The complete leaves foot mehndi designs all over the feet with light-green nail polish reconciles your connectivity with nature.

4. Shaded Floral Foot Mehndi Designs

foot mehandi

Your beautiful foot comes out exceptionally well, with these attractive flowers and leaves designs. On the top of it, the tips are given the touch of small tip leaves which stands out as one. these designs are best for kittie parties and small occasions.

5. One-Liner Foot Mehndi Designs For Beginners

foot mehandi

The one liner foot mehndi designs specially for beginners who are trying to apply, can start up with these types of mehndi’s. these are stylish, simple yet elegant.

6. Glitter With Kundan Mehndi Designs

foot mehandi

The latest mehndi designs, with kundan and glitter works. This completes the complete bridal look. Added to it, is the red colored nail polish, which every bride should wear it.

7.  Marwari Mehndi For Bridal Feet

foot mehandi

The elegant and beautiful marwari mehndi for bridal feet is simply beautiful and attractive. these design requires lots of time and effort, but the output will be simply mesmerising.

8. Bold Black Circular Mehndi Designs

foot mehandi

The Bold black Mehndi designs are nice to see and look. these mehndi designs are one line with curls and whirls shaped. In the end, the foot is filled with extra mehndi, to have the bold look.

9. Simple Floral And Glitter Foot Mehndi Designs

foot mehandi

The use of glitter in between the designs brings out the uniqueness of foot. the finger tips designed with mendi tips and glitter. the glitter is exactly matched to nail polish which adds beauty.

10. Simple Arabic Floral Designs

foot mehandi

These Specially suits to bride’s friend or younger one’s. these simple arabic designs are ready to go party designs, where it looks simple and awesome.

11. Circular Flowers Foot Mehndi Designs

foot mehandi

The Circular foot mehndi designs, embedded with floral and circular designs in it. These are elegant and have designs.  The fingertips are designed with mango designs loaded with black mehndi.

12. Rajasthani Chain Foot Mehndi Designs

foot mehandi

The design resembles chain with floral beads touch up. In the center comes the floral beads completing the whole look of foot. These are traditional mehndi designs, specially for auspicious occasions.

13. Complete Bridal Foot Mehndi designs

foot mehandi

The bridal designs starting from the thighs to the feet. the tips of fingers covered with heavy mehndi. the design is unique with florals, leaves and mangoes all over it.

14. Anklet foot Mehndi design

foot mehandi

These are the simple foot mehndi designs of foot, with small flowers and leaves embedded on it. these are the anklet mehndi designs  which covers fingers and whole foot as well.

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  1. Hello ji aap ke mehndi very very nice hai. I love mehndi.

    1. Thank you Nidhi Ji. You can see more mehndi designs in our blog.

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