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Exclusive Diwali Rangoli Patterns – Try This Diwali


Rangoli is the art of love, an art which is loved by one and all. If this art is drawn specially on festive occasion, then the celebrations becomes double.

Here are the latest and exclusive rangoli patterns for diwali in 2018

1.Exclusive Diwali Rangoli Patterns in 2018: 

Check out the latest diwali rangoli design which is unique and a good art work. With different colors, different shapes and patterns rangoli looks complete beautiful and unique.



2.Dotted Diwali Rangoli Patterns and Designs:

A big flower is drawn with dotted lines connecting one to other. A big circle with green color and petals with red and dark colors makes rangoli more attractive. In between the petals comes the dotted lines with green buds at the edge of it. In between is the diya, which makes rangoli complete

Dotted rangoli patterns

3.Bright Colorful Diwali Rangoli Patterns:

This is the exclusive rangoli patterns, which is designed in exclusive style. Rangoli in this pattern is used blondely, with bright and heavy colors. Small flower in the centre with small circles all around with buds and flowers makes this rangoli complete and long lasting.

artistic diwali rangoli patterns

4.Interior Home Decor Diwali Rangoli Patterns:

This piece of rangoli is designed inside the home as home decor piece. Looks simply outstanding, with small flowers and roses all over the rangoli pattern. The added touch are the 4 diyas, all over the rangoli, making it complete.



5.Om Flowers Diwali Rangoli Patterns:

Om is designed with flowers beautifully. with om in the centre, around is the round circle, outside of which are placed small diyas all around. The diya brings light and beauty to the rangoli

om diwali rangoli patterns

6.Kundan Flowers Diwali Rangoli Patterns:

This is the exclusive rangoli flower pattern, where kundans are used exclusively. This design contains different shapes and size, with kundans in between them. The edges of the rangoli are the diyas placed on either side of it.

Vertical flower diwali rangoli patterns

7.Diya Swastik Diwali Rangoli Designs:

Diwali is the festiva; of lights abd swastik. This rangoli is designed with swastik at the center and diyas all around. These type of designs are mainly designed in puja rooms and temples.


Diya swastik diwali rangoli designs

8.Colorful Diwali Rangoli Designs:

This rangoli speaks louder, as it is beautifully designed with bright colors. With diya and mangoes designed in buds with bright colors are just attractive and nice to look at

colorful diwali rangoli designs

9.South Indian Diwali Rangoli Patterns: 

This is the exclusive south indian rangoli patterns with circles of vaious sizes. Small and big circles are designed with dots one touching to other. Big circles with small circles in between them with different colors and shades. With diyas all over the rangoli is added attraction.


10.Kalamkaari Diwali Rangoli Designs:

Kalamkaari is an art which is seen in clothes, handlooms and handicrafts. Kalamkaari diwali rangoli designs are drawn at the entrance of the house as it is believed to bring properity and wealth to the house.

kalamkaari diwali rangoli designs

11.Beautiful Flowers Diwali Rangoli Designs:

Flowers are beautiful and looks outstanding specially for this rangoli diwali designs. With different colors and flowers, this rangoli is designd at the centre of the house as the home decor piece with diya in centre of the rangoli.


12.Diwali Rangoli Decoration For Office:

These are the exclusive rangoli designs specially designed at office and corporate’s during diwali celebrations. These are the circle rangoli designs with flowers and lotus in between. The colors and shades are used very beautifully with diyas all around the rangolis with flowers and leaves all around as the added attraction.


13.Swastik Flower Diwali Rangoli Designs:

Swastik in the centre, and flowers surrounded by it, brings beauty to the rangoli. The shades and colors are used exclusively, at the entrance of the house. The legs of gpddess lakshmi is drawn before the rangoli designs.

swastik rangoli designs

14.Innovative Home Decor Diwali Rangoli Designs:

These designs are the home decors, which are designed at the interiors of the house. These rangoli designs are specially designed by masters who are experts in rangoli designing. With ‘sree’, at the centre and beautiful designs and shades all around.

INNOVATIVE Rangoli diwali designs

15.Beautiful Flowers with Diya Diwali Rangoli patterns:

This is the eccentric piece of decorating home in diwali with flowers and diya. Rangoli is designed at the corner and entrance of the house is simply attractive to look at. With watery flower pots in between, surrounded by white and yellow flowers will attract each and every one.

beautiful orchids rangoli diwali designs

16.Sankam Flower Diwali Rangoli Designs:

Sankham design is amazingly drawn with flowers beautifully. Rangoli is designed with flowers of marie gold, lilly, roses, grass, etc., These are the master piece which are exclusively seen in offices, schools, corporate’s on the ocacasion of festives.

sankam flower diwali rangoli designs

17.Amazing Flower Diwali Rangoli Patterns:

Flower rangoli designs, are spectacularly drawn, with amazing flowers and diyas. With diyas in the centre and flowers all around,  rangoli looks spectacular.


amazing flower diwali rangoli pattern

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