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Fabulous Foot Mehndi Designs Trending In 2018

foot mehendi

Like hands, legs are to be designed beautifully. These includes Marwari, Arabic, Full bridal mehndi designs, Rajasthani, etc., Check out the  latest foot mehndi designs trending in 2018.

1.Floral Garden Foot Mehndi Designs:

Foot mehendi

The floral garden design resemble the art of garden with flowers. the design is beautifully decorated with curves,cuts and leaves at the edges.

2. Tattoo Mehndi Designs

foot mehendi

The tattoo designs are designed with flowers and fingers are beautifully covered and designed with marwari rajasthani design, which exactly matches the tattoo designs.

3. Side Anklets Foot Mehndi Design

foot mehendi

The side of the feet is beautifully decorated with narrow flowers just like anklets. These cover the entire side foot, which adds beauty to the foot.

4. Mehndi Designs for Starters

foot mehendi

The full Foot mehndi designs, for starters. these include flowers, leaves, mangoes, covering the whole foot.

5. Black Motifs Foot Mehndi Designs

foot mehendi

The entire mehndi is ensembled with black motifs, highlighting the edges of flowers boldly, which adds beauty. The inner part is shaded for extra designing.

6. Complete Bridal Feet Mehndi Design

foot mehendi

The picture is complete with this bridal design. the added attraction to this is red colored nail polish. This is complete with the center designing and side parts are covered with chains and nets

7.Arabic Anklet Foot Mehndi Designs

foot mehendi

The Awesome arabic mehndi design starting from the thumb toward the knees. the sides of the foot is covered with net design. the tips are covered with mangoes.

8.One-line Floral Foot Mehndi Designs

foot mehendi

The one-liner foot mehndi designs with leaves and dots at the edges. These are simple yet elegant.

9.Rajasthani Chain Foot Mehndi Designs

foot mehendi

These are designed in chain order, with beads are flowers in the center. the tips are designed in leafy designs adjacently

10. Black Floral with Leaves Mehndi Designs

foot mehendi

The design replicate flowers with leaves. The inside of the flowers are shaded and borders are applied thick quotes, to bring out the beauty of the design.

11. Peacock Floral Designs

foot mehendi

The design includes flowers, peacocks, leaves, right from the tips to the toes. these look awesome and covers the whole feet.

12. Black Arabic Mehndi Designs

foot mehendi

The beautiful black mehndi designs, showcases flowers with leaves, shaded with external beads.


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