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Top Apps To Track Diet & Fitness Progress

Apps To Track

When it comes to getting better in life, tracking numbers is everything. It might not seem like a fun experience at first, but knowing where you are at a specific point, can help you not only get better results, but also reach your goals faster. In fitness and diet, knowing how much calories per day you took and burnt tells you if the day was successful. After a couple of weeks, you can easily see how much progress you made. And best of all, that’s only the tip of the iceberg of all the possibilities.

Unfortunately, the human body isn’t capable of counting calories by eating. Taking a bite of a burger, won’t tell you how much you just took, same as taking a 15-minute jog won’t tell you how much you burnt. And that’s where apps come in. We decided to do some digging and check out what are the most accurate apps for tracking time, calorie intake, calorie burnt and every other sweet number that tells you that you’re doing things right. Apps we found will be split into 3 types. The best one for tracking fitness, the best one for tracking your diet and as a little extra, the best one for tracking time for other important things like work. Let’s go.

WORKIT – Simple & Effective

If you’re dead set on working out and bringing your body in shape, you’ll need a bit more info than just how many calories you’re burning with each workout. You’ll start by picking an exercise program depending on what you want to achieve. The choice is really nice and anyone who’s looking to do something with their body will find a helpful program. But what we really like about this one is the comprehensive tracking program. Although you might think you’ll get struck by different numbers, it’s actually pretty intuitive to understand what is what thanks to the user-friendly design. One cool tracker besides the basic workout time feature is body weight tracker. You can easily track your weight, body fat and even BMI and see what progress you’ve made. And the before-mentioned design makes it pretty fun to check numbers.

A surprising element considering how well the data is organized is that on rare occasions the app can miss the number of sets you did while exercising. While the numbers you collect are accurate, the numbers you count during exercising, like the numbers of push-ups, can sometimes oddly miss. It isn’t a big deal, but it did catch us by surprise.

MyPlate Calorie Tracker – For Healthy Eaters

Losing weight can be more than just making a decision to eat less bread. It sometimes requires to change your entire way of living. This can be overwhelming but with the right tools it can get a bit easier. Although MyPlate has some minor workout features as well, the really great stuff is found in the library. In our experience, no matter what food or food product we scanned, we always got useful data in a second. Also, the app automatically registers your scans as the food you eat, and with a couple of quick tweaks, you can instantly start tracking your daily food intake. But besides tracking what you’re eating, you can also track what you will be eating. The meal-planner is a great little extra that allows you to prepare your diet plan in advance and the app even throws in a couple of advice depending on how much weight you want to lose.

The only thing we sort of hated are the ads. Yes, every app needs to make money, but when you’re focused on tracking your diet, a sudden ad can seem a bit off-putting. You can always pay for the full version and it’s only normal that an app has ads, we get that. But we think they could tone it down a bit. Still, if you need a great way to quickly and effectively track how much you exactly eat, you can’t go wrong with this one.

aTimeLogger – For Productive & Busy Bunch

Although the app isn’t directly related to fitness or diet, but work, we decided to include it anyhow because it does relate to tracking something. And besides your health, what better thing to improve than your work habits? We found this one on a top 10 list while searching for what apps to review. Here’s the link if you want to check.

Top 10 Time Tracker Apps

The reason why we chose this one outside the other 9 is it goes a bit further than just tracking your busy hours. You can also track the time you spent watching TV or even the time you spent cooking. Because it’s easy to create and track different categories, it’s easy to see where exactly did your weekly or even monthly time go. This creates a clear picture of how well you’re managing your time and it can help you to better organize so you have more time to exercise, more time to work and most importantly, more time to relax and do what you truly want. Like with the previous two, the data is easy to understand with colorful charts so you can understand where you’re at just by taking a quick glimpse.

The only thing we found you need to be a bit careful with is the simplest feature of them all – the track button or should we say “delete button”. If you want to remove a certain time portion from the tracking history, just be careful you don’t delete too much and lose your progress. We’re guessing this is a simple bug that can easily be fixed in one of the future updates. Besides that, it’s a trusty app that will definitely help you get the most out of your limited time.


So there you go. No matter if you’re trying to get in shape, lose weight or simply want to know where the time flies, it’s always a good idea to track your numbers. And with a dedicated app, it’s easier to get the precise numbers without having to think much.


We hope you’ll find them helpful and let us know if you find any other great alternative apps.

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