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Treat Your Tresses: How To Care For Your Hair Type

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No two people are exactly alike, and neither are any two hair care products. You could go to the store and buy whatever shampoo, conditioner or styling mousse is on sale and use it, but you may not be doing your locks any favors. If your tresses are fine and straight, you need to treat them differently than if they were thick and kinky. Knowing which hair styling tips to follow for your specific type is important. Otherwise, you could be doing lasting damage to your hair and make your daily routine unnecessarily complex.

For example, fine hair needs to be washed more frequently than other types. Using a clarifying shampoo will allow you to do that without feeling greasy. Applying coconut oil helps you moisturize without adding too much weight. On the other hand, coarse hair should be washed only about once a week to prevent it from getting too dry. Using products that contain shea butter can keep your hair from tangling and make it manageable.

For additional pointers about caring for your unique hair type, look at the accompanying infographic. This hair care guide can help you no matter what kind of locks you have.

Treat Your Tresses: How To Care For Your Hair Type from Black Hairspray, a synthetic lace wigs company

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