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Can I take Shower after Hair Transplant Surgery?

The hair transplant candidates often have a big number of queries about pre and post surgical procedures. Among the multiple post-operative questions, one of the most frequently asked is can I take shower after hair transplant surgery? If not, then how long should I wait for that; and if yes, then what is the right method of washing my hair?

All these queries will be answered in this article! By Doctor of Hair Transplant Clinic in Amritsar.

How long you should wait to take a shower after hair transplant surgery?

You should not take a shower immediately or even on the next day after the surgical procedure. The right time to take shower is on the 3rd day after hair transplant surgery. You should wait for 48 hours so as to avoid the pressure on transplanted grafts. Otherwise, they will just fall out. Of course, you can take a body shower before that, but be careful and make sure that your hairs remain dry.

You may have made fun of your better half wearing a shower cap. Now it’s your turn, man!

Yes, you should wear a shower cap or any other suitable cap to protect your hair while getting body shower.

What is the right method of washing your hair after hair transplant surgery?

You can get full instructions from your doctor about the right method of washing your head. Most of the hair transplant clinics offer first head wash on their own after the removal of the bandage.

  • Treat your scalp very gently! You should gently pour the shampoo into your hand, lather it up between your hands and then carefully, give a very gentle massage to the scalp. Afterward, you should rinse the head by gently pouring the water. Do not rub or scratch while washing your head!
  • Another way to shampoo your head is to put a little amount of shampoo in the cup and fill that cup with water. Then pour the bubbly solution of shampoo over your head and massage it very, very carefully!
  • Mild shampoo or baby shampoo is recommended for head wash after the surgery, because these shampoos do not contain any harsh chemicals, unlike other shampoos. After 3 – 4 weeks, you can make use of normal shampoo.
  • While taking head bath, do not let your head go directly under the shower head because there are many shower heads that come with a powerful punch and it is not at all gentle in any way.
  • Instead of washing your head under a shower, another way is to fill a cup or mug with water and pour it over your scalp gently.

In this way, you can keep your scalp clean and ultimately, it will promote healing. The scabs will start falling out after 7 – 8 days. If it is not the case, then you can apply conditioner over the recipient area, giving it a gentle massage with a circular motion. It will encourage the scabs to fall off. You must not remove the scabs forcefully. Let the crusts fall off naturally!

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