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The Best Low Maintenance Hairstyles According to Stylists.

90s bob

These days, chic hair doesn’t have to mean hours spent with the curling iron or blow dryer. With the right haircut and a selection of professional hair care products, you can make a massive statement with minimal effort. Cancel your weekly blowout appointment and hit the snooze button, because there are plenty of low-maintenance hairstyles to help you cut your hair-related efforts in half.

1.The ‘90s Bob — For the chicest version of the classic bob style, consider the ‘90s crop bob. You may have seen this trend all over Instagram or TikTok, but it’s a timeless style that isn’t going anywhere. The shoulder-skimming cool-girl cut is a sultry top style. If your hair is getting long or you’re simply looking for a refresh, the ‘90s bob is versatile for any kind of occasion. It’s perfect whether you want a laid-back, mussed-up vibe or a preppy, polished finish. When it comes to bobs, there isn’t really a right or wrong way to style it. When choosing hair styling products, all you need is a little salt spray or leave-in conditioner to keep the bob in place. That’s what makes it so low-maintenance.

90s bob

2.Pixie Dream Cut — You may be afraid to rock a pixie cut. Don’t be! This style actually works well with a number of different face shapes and textures. It’s time to go short or go home. An ear-length pixie looks super sleek. Give your pixie some attitude by coloring it a statement color like icy white. If you’re rocking curly hair, you can get old Hollywood glamour effortlessly worn with S-waves in a pixie cut. You don’t have to be Charlize Theron to rock this bombshell low-effort look. While you shouldn’t go overboard on hair care products to maintain our pixie dream cut, you should still use a leave-in conditioner and styling wax.

3.Buzz Cuts — Contrary to popular belief, buzz cuts aren’t just for the boys, and they can enhance your natural feminine features. And, as bold as they may be, they’re among the oldest hairstyles out there. In fact, the buzz cut’s history traces its roots back to ancient Rome. It’s perfect for ladies who are all about looks that say you’re ready for a new start. For the classic short buzz cut, all you have to do is shave nearly all of your hair, keeping only about an inch of hair on your head. If you have thicker or longer hair to begin with, you may want to opt for the long buzz. This type of cut is becoming especially popular for women since you don’t have to cut your hair as short. You can keep about three inches on your head for this long buzz style. Give the buzz cut a try if you’re looking for your next dramatic but low-maintenance hairstyle.

Buzz Cuts

 4.Shoulder Length — We’ve talked about short hair options so far like the bob, pixie and buzz cut. How about a little love for women looking to grow out their hair or who don’t want to take their hair to head-turning lengths? Welcome to the classic and often overlooked shoulder-length cut. Mid-length is seriously underrated. You can get away with a slightly tousled look and it’ll still look like it’s put together. It’s flattering for nearly every hair type and face shape. It’s no wonder why celebrity style influencers like Hailey Bieber and Margot Robbie have continually turned to this go-to length. We’re talking blunt, thick lines instead of sharp and jagged textures. Just ask your stylist for a blunt, heavy line and use shine sprays instead of matte texturizers.

5. Shag Cut — Channel your inner Marilyn Monroe by going platinum blonde in a wavy shag haircut. For that effortless yet sultry look, try a long, layered shag with a center part. An adorable mid-length shag offers a romantic and low-maintenance look to appear polished at all times. If you prefer a slight edge, go for the modern shaggy cut with dark roots and a foxy red color to complement wide feathered bangs.

 6.Swoop Bangs — Swoop! There it is! The swoop bang style has been in style for the past two decades. That’s because it’s versatile and timeless. Just take a look at the subtle sweep, which is perfect for those with long hair looking to add a little pizazz with a swoop side bang. For an effortless look that’s still formal enough to wear for a date night or formal event, try the tapered side-swept fringe. The side-swept fringe is perfect for any hair type. These swoop bang styles are not only easy to maintain but simply dazzling.

Swoop Bangs

Styling should be a fun part of your day and shouldn’t feel like a hassle. If you’d like to put away your hair straightener or stick to dry shampooing for a few days, don’t be afraid to switch up your hairstyle. Especially if it’s one as easy to maintain as these.

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