Create Your Own Private Label Hair Products

Label Hair ProductsLabel Hair Products

How much do you spend on your maintaining your hair each year? Not just in terms of haircuts, but on purchasing products to keep it clean and styled as well? 

It’s estimated that the average American spends about $89.99 on hair care products alone each year. That doesn’t include what’s spend on haircuts, color, and even styling products. 

As customers become more aware of what’s in the items they buy, the demand for eco-friendly and organic hair products continues to grow. So, how can stylists give their customers what they want, while receiving benefits in return? By creating their own private label hair products.

Read on to discover four benefits of creating your own line of hair products below. 

Build your brand

As a hairstylist, the work you and your salon do is part of your signature, brand, and what you’re known for. The people who walk out of your beauty shop every day with a new look are your advertisements. Having products that bear your name and design is the next natural step in creating your brand and providing a lasting reminder to customers and others who see the fruits of your labor. 

Plus, you have the freedom to create packaging that looks how you want it to and is made of what you want it to be. You may like a product, but not the container it comes in or vice versa. When you create your own line, you can create a product that you love in the packing that you want. 

Offer clients care from start to finish

People often say their hair looks the best right after they leave the salon, and they aren’t sure how to make their hair look like that on their own. When you use your own private label hair products, you can make your hair look salon-fresh at home. 

Use your products to style your client’s hair after you cut and color it, walking them through the procedure. Be sure to tell them why you chose the ingredients you did and how they can help their hair look great at any time. Then, invite your customers to purchase the products and keep their hair looking salon-fresh between appointments. 

Increase your profits

For business owners, whether you work for a big corporation or have your own business, finding ways to increase profits is a priority. Having your own line of hair products can help you make more since you can determine your price, and don’t have to pay a third party for them, you can keep more of the profits. 

By selling your own line of products, you also increase customer loyalty. Since you’re the only person that sells them, your customers will continue to come back to you for their hair care needs. 

You can customize your products

Another perk of creating your own private label is that you can tailor your products to your preferences. Want vegan products? Or cruelty-free ingredients? You can have that. Don’t like silicon as an ingredient in certain items? Remove it. You have the power to make it all happen.

When you buy other products, you can shop for brands that meet your criteria. However, they can be challenging to find. Instead, create your own so you can feel confident in the items you sell and in the image your brand has.  

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