Tips to make your perfume last longer

Tips to make your perfume last longerTips to make your perfume last longer

Tips to make your perfume last longer


To know how to make your perfumes last longer, firstly know about its different types. Sound, broad and current awareness about perfumes helps you to determine which is best perfume for you and your style. Decide based on what percentages the scent imparting agents or essences are present to make it stay longer.  Perfumes are water or oil based, containing essences and chemical enriched scents.

There are certain tips that you can imbibe and rectify while using your favorite perfumes. Just make sure you use your perfumes in the most proper way to get the desired results. Merrily stop doubting whether you actually sprayed some perfume or not. Perfumes are promising on your skin, hair as well as your clothes. Body odor is dominated by the freshness of your perfume for day long comfort, enhancing your sociability in groups.

Perfumes and Varieties

The scent of perfumes or the aromatic substances after application, are caught by our sensitive nose cells. This has three main parts:

 1) The top notes

2) The middle note and

3) The ending note

Resembling the music notes, the first or top notes are freshly detected, helping us to form or make an impression on the liking or disliking of certain perfumes.  Then comes the middle note, which expands over the top note, forming the main body of the perfume. The ending notes are as essential as the former two. These conclude the unfolding whiff of scents in perfume.

This note is supplemented by the other kinds

  1. The Fresh fragrances in perfume refreshes your smelling sense with a tinge of citrus base.
  2. Floral as the name suggests are the sweet flowery smells which may range from strong to the mild ones.
  3. The Oriental perfume family includes the perfumes which have a spicy touch, to their warming sweetness.
  4. Woody aromatic substances in perfumes, suggest the mystery related to determination of the aroma. It keeps you wondering over its source at times. For example, the aftershave smoky aromas.

How to make it last longer?

  1. Spray it at your pulse points in your wrist, back of the ears, neck, lower portion of your belly; wherever the skin is very thin and blood capillaries, veins are closer to the outer skin surface.
  2. Spray it on your clothes, which do not react with the perfume.
  3. Spritz and walk in the perfume cloud.
  4. Spray it on your hair brush and comb your hair.

Any one of these or combination of these is enough. Doing all of these would be overdoing your perfume, and may give you and others a headache. Applying too much perfume is repulsive in nature. You would never think of trying it. Just a couple of sprays each one at different spots to cover your body is just what you need.

The not to do list is pretty long regarding the lasting aroma of fragrances in perfumes. Rubbing the scent after application destroys and modifies its natural scent. Let it work its magic on its own after application. 

The perfumes which have the highest concentration of aromatic substances are the Perfume which is best perfume; they are more efficient in staying for longer periods. The Toilette, Cologne and Fraiche come next to the Perfume version of perfumes, in descending order of percentage of fragrant essential oils. These essential oils could be plant, animal or artificially developed in research laboratories, which are solely meant for research and development in perfumes.

Before getting perfumes for yourself, it is necessary to look for its ingredients and their acceptability to your skin. If the skin is sensitive to certain ingredients, then it could be a problem. If your perfume induces itch and uneasiness in the applied region, except for the cool sensation on contact, immediately discontinue its application.

Secret of Perfumes

Usually , the perfumes and their makers do not reveal the exact process of its formative formula. This is the secret of all the perfumes made with meticulous processes and techniques. Certain processes are also patented, names trademarked and copyrighted for the uniqueness of its rarity and originality. Aging of the ingredients and natural extracts play an important role in perfume making. 

The perfume making industry makes sure that the limitless varieties of their products reach you with or without advertisements. There is no one in the world who does not use any of the scented materials. It may be used in food, drinks and supplements knowingly or unknowingly.

For external application, the perfumes of higher concentration, of aromatic substances (perfume), stays longer on and around you. So start your day with your favorite perfume which becomes a constant companion, whose mere presence makes unparalleled optimistic impressions. You even leave a part of you behind wherever you go. Sweet reminiscing aromatic spaces.


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