How to Pull Off the Retro Style This Summer

Pull Off the Retro StylePull Off the Retro Style

With summer going on in full swing, you should consider shaking up your wardrobe if you haven’t already. The ‘50s fashion styles are trending high thanks to the fashionable design of the clothes and accessories and the vibrant aesthetic of that era. If you’re planning on riding the vintage fashion trend this summer, there are some quick pointers to incorporate retro styles into your modern wardrobe.

Look to Thrifting

The easiest way to find the most authentic ‘40s fashion accessories is by checking thrift stores. These underrated shopping stores are often full of stylish clothes and accessories from the past. You’ll find items in thrift stores that no big brands or superstores can offer. You can even alter clothing from thrift stores to make it more modern.

Also, make a budget before going to the store to avoid buying unnecessary items. Another thing to keep in mind is that sometimes the best finds are tucked behind other clothing since customers are rifling through them all the time. So keep a sharp eye when scanning the aisle to make sure that you don’t miss anything unique.

Scope Out Unique Accessories

Accessories can make or break your style, making it important to choose the right one. There are no shortages of unique accessories that make a statement like vintage style round glasses (which give off an effortlessly retro look), bracelets, chains, lockets, and more. You can also consider jewelry made with stones (pearls were all the rage back then) and unique patterns.

There are also different types of unique belts to try out, like the hourglass belt, which was very popular during the ‘50s era. Add a vintage piece to any outfit to make it feel 50s effortlessly. All this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to exploring the fashion sensibilities of the pin-up era.

Hairbands are also one of the stand-out women’s fashion accessories from that era. Modern hair bands don’t have the same polka-dotted or check design that makes the vintage era ones unique. Try to find some at a thrift store or make them at home yourself.

Embrace Your Natural Hair

Back in the 50s, highlights, hair color, and other modern hair styling options weren’t available. So, to pull off the vintage pin-up era style, you need to embrace your natural hair. If your hair isn’t wavy, you can try different techniques to add some waves. One simple tip is to use texturizing, or sea salt sprays to make the waviness of your hair more defined.

Other more traditional ways to achieve the ultimate pin-up girl wavy hairstyle include using a curling iron or flat iron to style your hair. There are different sub-categories of wavy or beach wave hairstyles, including regular beach waves, S-shaped beach waves, headband beach waves, and more. Pick a style based on your hair length and quality.

Have Fun With Makeup

Last but not least, don’t forget to have fun with the makeup. Despite not having as many options as modern women, fashionable ladies from the pin-up era were ridiculously good with their limited makeup kit. Red is the most common and popular retro style makeup color palette, which you can substitute with other colors as well.

Keeping in line with your lipstick and blusher, don’t forget to pay attention to your eye shadow. Go for bright, vibrant colors that make a bold statement. Or you can go the opposite route and go for a “no makeup” makeup look. Effortlessly pulling off a no-makeup look is very tough, meaning your choice of clothes and accessories will have to carry your look.

Get Creative, Have Fun

Fashion is all about having fun, so let your creative juices flow and discover your retro style. Experimenting with vintage fashion is worthwhile due to some of the timeless looks you can pull off using this fashion aesthetic. Just make sure you personalize the fashion trend to suit you and your personal style.

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