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The Ultimate Panty Guide to Cover All Occasions

As much as you want to go commando or in your all-natural birthday suit, you can’t possibly do that every single time. Apart from chafing, you want to avoid potentially embarrassing accidents, especially while you are at work. Wearing panties is just not vanity but a necessity to keep your privates protected. So whether you favor a g string or a full panty, one thing is clear: you need a comfy pair because there’s nothing like ill-fitting underwear to ruin your day. Here are the different types of undies that you need in your arsenal:

High Waisted Full Panties

These are the traditional panties that offer full coverage. They reach high above your waist and have thick sides. This provides full coverage all around. If you pick a panty material with a little bit of spandex, this can control the tummy area and create a smooth silhouette. 

Bikini Undies

This is a flirty style that takes after your bikini bathing suit bottom. These are usually low-rise with limited rear coverage. String bikinis are cut a tad higher to show off a longer leg through the thin sides. This is a great feminine cut that flatters all kinds of figures. 

Boy Shorts

These boy shorts live up to their name and are reminiscent of those male briefs that hug the hips. They are feminine versions of the boxer brief with a more extended cut that extends to the thighs and way below the crotch line. This rides low on the waist and hugs your hips. These come in a broad range of styles, so you can pick the perfect knickers to match your mood. Another term for these boy shorts is hot pants. And yes, they do make you look hot and sexy while providing excellent coverage. 


A hipster is akin to a bikini but with a more square cut than a triangle cut. It also stands a bit up higher on the waist. Hipsters offer great side coverage that pays close attention to the hips, hence the name. These skivvies create a charming modest effect that will go well with fave your pair of jeans. 


You can’t go wrong with a classic thong that’s been designed to cover those dreaded VPLs. This acronym stands for visible panty lines, and they are just unsightly when you see them protruding over form-fitting dresses and pants. A thong ensures there is no rear coverage and no annoying panty garters to deal with.

G Strings

This little piece of fabric called a g string is a skimpier version of a thong. It is a triangle piece of cloth that is held by strings for the protection of the frontal area only. The cords skim the hips and go in between your bump. It is also great for a no VPL look. Moreover, it is a leading choice when you’re looking for sexy quality time with your mate.

Crotchless Skivvies

As the name implies, crotchless underwear has no crotch. The middle area has an opening for easy access. This piece of lingerie is another popular ensemble which many women take when they are on their honeymoon. These are fun pieces that must be in your closet, but they are not necessarily the best for everyday wear.

Bottom Line

It is essential to have a variety of styles in your panty stash. Make sure to replace your panties when they no longer fit right. You don’t want to ruin your mood because you’re stuck with bad-fitting crappy underwear that keeps on falling or insists on giving you a wedgie. Your panty hugs the most delicate part of your body, so it is a must to invest in quality underwear. 

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