How to Rock Women’s Fedoras

Do you only remember your fedora during the cold and snowy seasons? Well, apart from protecting you from the snowflakes and cold winds, fedoras are a great addition to your wardrobe that can help you to pull off a chic look. The versatile and trendy pieces can transform your simplistic style and elevate your looks without breaking a sweat. With a range of women’s fedoras to choose from, moreover, you can easily find a design that matches your exquisite taste. If you are wondering how you can rock women’s fedoras, here are a few tips to help you achieve an elegant look.

Complement, don’t compete

While going for a monotonous color from head to toe can be quite dull, you don’t have to go for high contrasts to pull off an excellent fedora look. A khaki green women’s fedora, for instance, would go well with a beige cargo shirt, pulling a safari-style that’s not only functional but also elegant. The trick is choosing colors that complement instead of competing. If you want the fedora to be the focal point, nonetheless, pick other items such as sunglasses, shoes or bag that matches the color for a seamless blend.

Spice it up

Forget those plain fedoras; if you are looking for a design that matches your accessorizing lifestyle, you can make a better fashion statement with embellished fedoras. From jewels, chains, feathers, beads, rhinestones to mention a few, you can now easily find women’s fedoras decorated with features that best define your taste.

Consider your hairstyle

Letting the hair all down or a simple ponytail might not be the best option if you want to pull off a great fedora look. While you could be concentrating on functionality, simple measures can enhance your chic looks without affecting the fedora’s functionality. For instance, with a boho-inspired side braid or a side chignon style, you can rock your favorite fedora in a way that brings out the best shape of your head while complementing the rest of your outfit.

The right fit

What’s your face shape? Which fedora brings out the best features? While you could only be considering the fedoras size, you need to factor in your face’s shape as it determines how well-off you can pull a fedora look. For a heart-shaped face, for instance, a medium or small-sized brim fedora is a great option as it masks instead of exaggerating the wide forehead. While shopping for female fedoras consider your face shape and choose the right fit that seamlessly showcases your stunning looks.

 As you browse through women’s fedoras collections, don’t only look at the prices as you could end up with a fedora you can hardly pull off. From the material, size, embellishments, to other features that determine how effective a fedora look works for your unique needs, you need to thoroughly evaluate a choice to ensure you find a fedora you will always look forward to wearing. The good news is, with the readily available online women’s fedora shops, you can easily find inspiration and the best fedora that matches your exquisite taste.

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