5 Best Coachella Inspired Styling Tips!

Coachella Styling Tips

Coachella is one of the best and grand music and art festival. It’s been 20 years that this festival has been celebrated and now it has also become a source for all of us to take some brilliant fashion tips. Though it is generally all about glam with comfort, so we are sure that you will love all the Coachella styling tips and guide.

Coachella Styling Tips

Looking for a deal to steal the the fashion aura from everyone else around you? Coachella festival happens in the summer season, so you will get to see summery and breathable outfits that may include, crotched tops, bohemian outfits, denim shorts and cute dresses. Without going too heavy, here we have got Coachella fashion guide that you will surely love. Have a look at the article to know it all!

1. Sheer Dresses With Subtle Embroidery

Sheer dresses are all a rage nowadays. They have a special way to make the statement and you won’t need to worry to put the entire look together. Keep it simple and plain with subtle embroidery and it will look totally stylish. Pair them with boots, floppy hats, sunglasses to keep the look comfy yet chic. Trust us! You will be in the limelight even while wearing such a comfortable outfit.

Coachella Styling Tips

2. Bum Shorts And A Graphic Tee

Do you think graphic tees are old school? No girl! They are back in trend and for an art and music festival like Coachella, it ranks on top to be the ideal pick. Get a Tee shirt that is a graphic ode to classic bands along with a bum short hot pants if you want to slay the look. The shorts will give you total comfort, so be ready to jump, sit, run and enjoy the music as much as you can while doing your best moves. To keep up with trends, you can even add a fanny pack to keep the essentials with you while looking absolutely stylish.

3. Printed Co-Ordinates

Printed co-ordinate outfits are taking a rage these days and it has made it big being in the list of extremely popular trends. If you want to take all the limelight, then you can surely go for a pencil skirt or the mini one with a netted bracelet or instead of a skirt, you can even get yourself a high waisted bum short hot pants to accentuate your curves properly. Carry along a tote bag to make the outfit on point and if you will go with the pick of neon colours then it will be a total plus. Now as your outfit will have too many elements to it, so accessorising is totally up to your personal choice.

4. Crotched Tops

Art and music festivals like Coachella calls for something that is comfy and brings that hotness vibe in you. Where crotched top screams back to be the right fit for the occassion. These tops being a total rage nowadays has taken our heart away with the kind of styling we can do with it. You can pair a crotched top with a bralette, but make sure the fit of the crotched top is flowy and all loose to add the fest vibes. For the bottom, you can go for a matching long skirt to complete the look. Now when it comes to accessorizing, adorn a layered necklace and feather earrings to ooze up the aura.

5. Overalls

Overall are simple, classic and all chic in numerous ways. They are the best pull over to create the perfect look without doing much effort. You can go for an overall dress or one with the pants to take the traditional route in the right way. You can also pair it with a bikini top or crop top or even a bralette to change the way you slay. To add that X factor, accessories the outfit with chunky jewellery, bulky rings, some armbands to complete your outfit of that day.

Fashion is a game that looks great when aced. So, head on and try these Coachella inspired style tips to get your style game on point. Hope you liked this article and found it informative.

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