The Top Makeup Trends for 2019

Makeup Trends 2019 

In the age of social media, makeup artists now create makeup trends according to popular demand and reactions to their posts. Makeup trends in 2019 range from bright and bold to the minimalist look.

Bright and bold

Tired, neutral palettes are a thing of the past. A pop of color is one of 2019’s favorite makeup trends. Vivid, fluorescent colors were a huge hit in the early months of 2019. However, to pull off this year’s makeup evolution effectively, you need to be subtle and minimalistic. 

Eyeshadow & brow trends

Wearing brightly-colored eyeshadow may give you the impression that your eyes look tacky and rainbowish, though, to the contrary, they will look great. 

In 2019, applying shades of pink on your lips, lids, and under-eyes is trendy. On your dark skin, rosy hues will look gorgeous. Pastel pink will enhance your fair countenance. To go from Spring/Summer makeup to a Fall/Winter makeup, try using the many hues mauve offers. It’ll look good on a variety of complexions.

Another trend in fall 2019 is smudged eyeshadow. This is achieved by using cream and colored eyeshadows unblended to create a messy grunge look—playful fun and an avant-garde creation.

For an eye contour using a brown or taupe eyeshadow will give your eyes a subtle and trendy definition. Gold tones are popular.

Even though strong brows have always been in style, the Fall 2019 makeup custom dictates eyebrows should be filled in softly with a powder rather than the usual brow pencils. Brushed brows were in vogue in the early part of this year.


One of the biggest trends for 2019 is the monochromatic makeup look. It’s a simple approach—eyes, cheeks, and lips should echo each other—use similar hues of color and tone.


Going into 2020, blushing is set to be very popular. Applying a touch of pink on your cheeks will give you a look of innocence. Using a touch of neutral pink blush on your cheeks creates a flush Winter’s day look. Peach blush, paired with peach lipstick, is another option to brush on to your cheeks. 

Contouring with concealer is a major trend for spring 2019. Heavy contours and highlights have been replaced by bronzers and cream blushes. Rose gold is the trendiest shade to wear on your cheeks in 2019.

Dewy Skin

Natural, luminous glowing skin is the no-fuss and aesthetically-appealing choice this year. More people are choosing to use multifunctional products. The focus for the spring this year has been reducing the amount of product on your face while achieving a refreshing clean makeup look. Come this Fall and Winter, it is fashionable to have beautiful hydrated and glowing skin.


In 2019, lip colors with neutral undertones are in demand. People are opting for a natural lip color that requires little effort but a lipstick that provides a pretty pout.  At the other end of the scale, there are those craving neon colors. Bright coral, fiery red, orange, purple, and hot pink hues are provocative for ladies wanting to make a statement. There are lovely Fall and Winter lip colors that are set to be popular later this year. Wine, burgundy, shades of brown, and plum are just a few examples. 

Thanks to the Asian beauty sector and Instagram, the smudged, or “blooming lip,” phenomenon is now hitting the western beauty trendsetters. You apply the lipstick heavily in the center of the lip and then smudge it outwards. 

Mega Lashes & Smudgy Eyeliners

A crisp “cat-eye flick” or  “feline flick,” is appealing and stylish.  Adding an extra wing makes it up to date and provides a distinct 2019 vibe. To keep up with the fads, exchange your basic eyeliner for some neon or tinted eyeliners.

Subtle, vibrant mascara is very popular this season and sold in many hues. Some, however, may be way too colorful to wear to school or work and would best be left for the catwalk. Pink on the top lashes and white on the bottom may be a safe combination to wear out.

Long, voluminous lashes will never go out of style. With that in mind, 2019 heralds in a new lash trend—lash lifts. Lifting your lashes creates the appearance of bigger more awake eyes. By wiggling your mascara wand from its roots to tips you can fan out your lashes for an extra spooky effect, Halloween makeup comes to mind. 


In 2019 non-sticky, glossy lips are undeniably sexy, since they make the lips look shiny, moisturized, and lush. The beauty of gloss in 2019 is that the formulas make them more hydrating. Makeup artists are opting for gloss and satin finishes this year, rather than the matte of the last season. This year wearing gloss on your eyelids is cool. 

The glass skin movement in 2019  that originated in Korea has become a sensation in the US.  Rest assured you don’t need to apply glass to your skin; the term means that your complexion will be made clear, poreless, and with a dewy finish.


Using glitter as children was fun and messy. In 2019, glittery eyes and lips are all the rage. Matching eyes to lips might be fun for a girls’ night out. Too much glitter will look gaudy, though if you trace a fine line of glitter along your lash line you’ll look like a movie star. Metallic glitter eyeshadow mixed with a nude face is reminiscent of Cleopatra, putting you in good company. 


Using a sheer or radiance-boosting foundation formula will allow your skin to shine through and achieve the overall theme of 2019—skin is always in. Show off your complexion by using some of the best makeup foundation available in 2019. If you choose to multi-foundation blend until they become one, wanting to use a matte foundation in 2019 is okay. With the modernized matte finishes, your skin will never look dull.

It’s not too late to follow 2019’s most sensational makeup trends in its last few months. 

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