The 10 Best Leather Jackets for Men

As soon as the winter comes, people always try to get warm stuff in order to make their winters amazing, enjoyable and a good one. Most people tend to buy coats and hoodies or even sweaters. But since some years the most trending ones are the Movie Jackets which are mostly bought by almost everyone during the winters. The reason of that after seeing a lot of customer reviews is that leather jackets are so durable and warm enough to keep everyone safe from the winds and cold. Also these are much more stylish if compared to the simple sweaters and hoodies. But since its highly demanded so almost everyone has started to sell leather jackets and there has been introduced like 100 other type of leather jackets. So due to this reason, you can find the top 10 best leather jackets in this article:

10-Perry Ellis Open Bottom

This is one of the most underrated jackets. It’s quite light in weight which means wearing it is so easy. It ranges from $120 to around $150. It’s ideal for temperate climates.

9. Blingsoul Super

This style of jacket simply takes you back to the old memories as it’s old school style. It ranges from $160 to $180. The viscose lining in the internal side is quite snug for the one who wears it. It also has fashionable front button closure.

8-Leather Jackets

These are one of the most common and famous jackets. Leather has always been everyone’s favourite jacket material. It ranges from a $100 to $200. It’s mostly made from genuine or faux leather. It’s widely been used and is mostly recommended by each individual.

7. First Mfg Co Motorcycle

Mainly made for riders. People also wear it in concerts. It’s essentially made for those who love to ride bikes. With the unique material used, it’s assured that strong winds while riding won’t affect you and would keep you warm.

6-John Varvatos Collection Slim Fit Blazer

The John Varvatos Collection Slim Fit Blazer is not your average type blazer. Its an alluring, enticing and decent sizing blazer. Dazzling it up by the modern look with hooks and loops closures.

5-Lucky Brand Vintage Moto

Presenting you Lucky Brand Vintage Moto which brings out brassy and skittish vibes. Its around $421. But would definitely stand out with the button style collar and spacious four zipped exterior pockets. Best for outdoor activities.

4-Cole Haan Moto

The Cole Haan Moto, made from full grain cowhide (approx $573) A heavier and more durable than other jackets that are made from standardise leather. Its features include top stitch detailing and front medal hardware bringing out an edgy look to you.

3-Cole Haan Smooth Collar

A velvety, lambskin leather jacket. (Around $250) Its a distinguished jacket because of the softest and most luxury hide used to craft it. An attractive attire for late fall or early spring seasons.

2-Landing Leathers Navy Bomber

Its an US military’s G-1 inspired jacket. Its made from best quality of lamb nappa and covered with polyester cotton lining. Adding the features of stretchability due to the acrylic ribbing in the cuffs and faux shearling to keep you toasted. It’s mostly like the Leather Jackets.

1-Movie Jackets

These are the newly in type of jackets. Ranging from $100 to $150, these jackets are mainly based on your favourite movies or tv shows. They could be made from various materials such as leather or cotton.

So I hope that the above information is enough for you guys to decide which jacket is the best for you. All these WWE Shop have different attributes and each and everyone of it is unique and rare in its own way. The price ranges are also almost the same for everyone so it’s all up to you to decide. One thing which also matters is how do you use your jacket. Always try to keep it maintained meaning don’t let it get dirty and try to keep it in a good condition as you had gotten it brand new. Another thing is to never wash your leather jacket. Now in some rare cases it’s allowed to wash it but it’s highly not recommended to wash it as it makes the quality of the jacket fade away. So that’s all and I hope that this article would be helpful for you guys.

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