5 Things You Need to Know Before Buying a Rolex Sky-Dweller

Rolex Sky DwellerRolex Sky Dweller

In Rolex’s entire collection, the Sky-Dweller is the highest in-demand model based on the brand’s buyers and collectors. Rolex’s unusual move to release this model way back in 2012 since the Swiss watchmaker doesn’t usually introduce new complications in the market. But after its first-ever launch, the Sky-Dweller turned into the most contemporary, most luxurious, and highest-end timepiece of the brand.

If you are now looking for a watch you want to put an investment in, opting for the Sky-Dweller is a great decision. Here in this article, we have listed everything you need to know about this model to help you out when about to purchase. You’ll also be able to find the prices of the newest release and older version of Sky-Dweller.

  1. Sky-Dweller Features

The Rolex Sky Dweller is widely known for its uniqueness. It is the only model with both an annual calendar and GMT function (which monitors two time zones) for the active explorer or traveler. You will never regret buying this Rolex model as its value is getting higher as time passes by. Indeed, you’ll love how luxurious, stylish and durable it is.

Here are top-notch functions of the Sky-Dweller: 

  • Dual Time Zone
  • Annual Calendar
  • Date Function

The Calendar function comes with exceptional service. It allows the timepiece to keep the date the entire year, which implies that the Sky-Dweller knows when to show a month with 30 days rather than 31 days, which is quite cool. 

You can likewise access all the main elements of the Sky-Dweller through a “Ring Command.” It implies that its bezel is first rotated to various positions (to choose the month, date, or time). Afterward, the crown is turned to indicate the superior value of the accessed capacities. 

Two Complications, One Watch

The Sky-Dweller is recognized as a perfect combination of two complications: an annual calendar and dual-time region, or GMT complication. The yearly calendar serves a great function, letting the wearer easily understand the watch since it displays the time in two zones. The latter one is a feature of a ” true” GMT timepiece, similar to the way that the hour hand is set from the crown and can be reset to another timezone without stopping the whole watch. 

There are less complicated dual time zone watches, which have a 24 hour hand that can autonomously set. Yet to utilize them as an explorer or traveler’s watch – that is, to show local time with the hour and minute hands, and home time with the 24-hour hand – generally requires a considerable amount more tinkering with the crown. It also includes resetting the hour and minute hands, thus, requiring the wearers to likewise reset to a time standard.  

Sky-Dweller Materials and Bands/Straps

Many watch buyers and collectors consider the Rolex brand’s most deluxe model. The Sky-Dweller just comes in 18-karat gold: classified into a rose, yellow, or white. When it comes to dialing options, you can either go with Roman or Arabic numerals. 

The watch accompanies either an earthy colored/dark leather strap or a solid gold bracelet, which makes the watch perfect for a casual wear look. The two designs are outfitted with an Oyster clasp. 

Sky-Dweller Pricing

A reasonable price to pay for a pre-owned Sky-Dweller with a gold metal band ranges from $32,000 up to $35,000. When it comes to the brand new Sky-Dweller, the cost will be about $3,000 higher. That is why investing in a Sky-Dweller needs enough resources.

If ever that you prefer a more casual version of the watch, then the leather strap version may be a decent alternative for you. For this design, a decent cost to pay for a pre-owned model is from around $26,000 to $28,5000. A new leather-strap Sky-Dweller will likewise be approximately $3,000 higher than a pre-owned one. 

The Sky-Dweller and Your Watch Game

The 42mm Sky-Dweller is considered a solid piece under the Watch Game. It’s a substantial piece that makes certain to raise your game to a more elevated level. You can’t turn out badly with a watch like this regardless of the design you pick. One of our top choice Sky-Dwellers is the one in rose gold with a chocolate dial and an earthy colored alligator strap.

In a Nutshell

The Sky-Dweller has always come with a slightly contradictory character compared to Rolex’s other watch models. It is the most complicated watch Rolex has ever-produced (as far as mechanical intricacy, it’s just rivaled by the Yacht-Master II). When presented in 2012, it was just accessible in valuable metals. Simultaneously, it’s unmistakably designed and intended to be a perfect watch – easy to use, very durable, and easy to live with, considerably under the pressure of exploring the world’s increasingly very unfriendly skies.

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