Ring As A Symbol: What Does It Mean?

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On August 26, 1920, the US Congress added the 19th Amendment to the Constitution. This addition gave women the right to vote in the United States. In 1971, Congress designated this date in August as National Women’s Equality Day. 

Many women mark this date by attending conferences and marches in the continued pursuit of equality. Others choose more personal observances. They might send a note of thanks to a woman who influenced their life. 

This date is also an opportunity to reach out to a younger woman and start a mentoring relationship. If you plan to reach out to a friend, mentor, or daughter, a ring would be a special gift to mark the occasion.

Rings in History

People have worn rings for thousands of years. Yet, both the materials and the symbolic meaning of these circles have changed over time.

A Symbol of Eternity

The ancient Egyptians saw the unbroken circle of a ring as a sign of eternity. They fashioned the jewelry from simple materials like reeds and papyrus. Offering a ring to a loved one as a sign of unbroken commitment was a common practice.

A Sign of Ownership and Status

During the Roman Empire, the meaning of rings was more about ownership. A woman received an iron ring on her wedding day that meant she belonged to her husband. At the same time, men and women wore large gold rings as a sign of status. By some accounts, Roman senators would wear gold rings on every finger.

A Sign of Equality

The class Irish Claddagh ring has been around since the 17th century. These days, a couple in love might give each other a ring with the same three symbols: a hand for friendship, a heart for love, and a crown for loyalty.

Ring Meanings by Finger

While rings may be purely ornamental, the finger on which you wear the jewelry may have a meaning attached to it.


The pinky is the traditional finger for signet and family rings. Rings on this finger symbolize belonging to a group. Members of societies like the Masons often wear a ring on this finger. In popular culture, members of organized crime families also wear gaudy rings on their pinkies.

Ring Fingers

The left ring finger is the most popular place for messages about your relationship status. This finger is the traditional one for a promise, engagement, and wedding ring. 

Middle Fingers

The middle finger is not a traditional finger for rings. However, it is growing in popularity as a place to give a message about equality and balance. Because it is your largest finger, rings placed on this digit will be more prominent.

Index Fingers

Rings on the index fingers are typically ornamental. When people wear rings on this finger, they usually choose a simple design to avoid encumbering the digit. A woman places a simple gold band on her right index finger at her wedding in Jewish tradition.


A thumb ring can be a symbol of power and dominance or a trendy fashion statement. The thick thumb joint will accommodate a larger, more noticeable ring.

Silver Rings to Celebrate Equality

Silver rings can make a bold statement as a gift on Women’s Equality Day. It is a perfect opportunity to get creative with a circle for the middle finger or thumb. When your daughter, friend, or colleague sees the ring, it will remind her of your support.




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