Mixing High and Low Fashion With Luxury Watches

Over the past decade, the high and low fashion worlds have brought in a lot. Maybe it’s a perceived feeling of a lack of cultural gaps, or maybe it’s just a casual/formal mix craze, but it’s not uncommon to see someone wearing a suit expensive three pieces with a pair of Nikes anyway. In the same vein, accessories like luxury watches are regularly in sets with sweatpants and the like. There is a renaissance of high and low eyebrows, which I read for the first time in John Seabrook’s book No Brow: The Culture of Marketing and the Marketing of Culture.

In this text, the author discusses a number of different examples of the mix of high and low cultures in society. High-level owners who show up for work with group t-shirts, cartoons that qualify social issues, “homemade” hot dogs, etc. Our culture is now filled with these dichotomies, and many believe that we are all richer are for that. These blending trends have been particularly beneficial for the dress watch market, which used to be only the wealthiest businessmen. It now freely welcomes artists, musicians, and other hipster professionals among its clientele.

Swiss watches, in particular, are now so often worn by rappers that they are hardly worth it. You rarely hit an eyelash on Jay-Z or 50 Cent when referring to brand watches from Hublot to Audemars Piguet. All over the coolest places to live in America, this aesthetic of high and low trust fund kids in ripped jeans drops thousands of dollars on oversized watches that are flashy and showy in ways that rarely paved the way ultramodern culture since the 1960s. At the time, and apparently since, much of the cultural advantage was spent dressing and ignoring the lure of bright things. Now the pendulum seems to have tipped somewhere between the two extremes. The style is dressier for clothes and more formal when it comes to accessories.

The cultural significance of these changes is even beginning to affect the type of brand watches being designed. Swatch watches have become one of the most popular features when it comes to walking between high and low eyebrows. Such cultural changes do not happen every day. As a result, it looks like luxury watches may have a new demographic in the coming decades.

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