Men’s Day to Night Outfit Ideas

Mens Day to night outfit

As the coronavirus vaccine rollout begins to take hold around the world, countries everywhere are slowly beginning to open back up, and so resumes the cycle of blue-collar workers looking for ways to transform their day outfits into nighttime appropriate wear for a bar or pub.

For women, this can easily be achieved by accessorizing a work suit/dress with jewelry, changing shoes and adding a touch of lipstick and some false eyelashes. For men, making workwear leisure appropriate is somewhat harder. Transforming a suit into a leisurely outfit is no mean feat, but with a few nifty tricks it can indeed be done.

So, if you’re a man looking for ways to make your 9-5 outfit work for afterhours, keep reading because we’ve put together a few tips and tricks for you to look at and take on board to take you from daytime to nighttime.

T-Shirt and Trousers

A lot of men like to layer up and wear a t-shirt beneath their dress shirt at work, but if this isn’t you, it’s worth packing an extra white t-shirt into your work briefcase anyway. It takes all of two minutes to pack away your day shirt and transform your entire outfit by swapping it with a simple t-shirt. White goes with every type of suit trouser, but you could opt for black if you’d prefer. Steer away from patterned t-shirts, though, as they will not complement the overall style of formal trousers.

We would recommend you change your shoes as dress shoes may look out of place in this ensemble. Try moccasins or brogues instead.

This combination is perfect for heading to the pub after work with your work colleagues.

Roll Neck Shirt and Trousers

In the same way a t-shirt can dampen down the formal vibes of dress trousers, so can a roll neck shirt or jumper. This is a good date night option as it’s more formal than a t-shirt but still not quite as serious and formal as a proper collared shirt. Black, white and cream are a good staple collection, but if you are wearing light grey trousers, you could potentially get away with a pastel shade of blue, green or pink.

In addition to working well for date nights, if you live in a cooler climate or are looking for a winter solution, roll neck jumpers are the way to go.

You can add a touch more style to your roll neck and trouser combination by changing from your suit shoes to moccasins or Dr Martens style loafers. Pair with a corduroy shacket and you’ll instantly be the most stylish in the room.

Shirt and Jeans

For those who don’t like the idea of going out in their work trousers, you can flip the above examples around and keep your shirt but change your trousers. This is a better solution for those who like wearing colored shirts or patterned shirts rather than plain white shirts.

No matter what color shirt you choose to wear with your jeans, we would recommend wearing it untucked, no tie and with the top two or three buttons undone to make it more casual.

For shoes, you could get away with almost anything, from moccasins and loafers to industrial looking boots and even trainers.


It’s not just women who can use accessories to their advantage; men can too. In the case of the upper body, a classic chain necklace or pendant necklace will go a long way to giving you some instant outfit appeal. For the arms, consider pairing a strong watch and matching rings with stacked high end men’s bracelets.

So, will you be trying any of these outfit ideas on your next post-work social session?

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