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Synthetic vs Natural Hair Wigs You Need to Know

Hair loss due to chemotherapy or alopecia is stressful in itself, as deciding to get a wig should not be the ordeal it is cut out to be. This comparative article on synthetic hair vs natural hair is not only informative, but will also guide you to pick out the wig type to choose for yourself based on various factors.

Synthetic Wig

Synthetic wigs are prepared from synthetically produced fibres, such as nylon, or polyester. They come in different varieties as well, such as heat-friendly synthetic wigs, which can be restyled by applying heat. Here, we will take a look at the features of synthetic wigs.

Easy to Use

Synthetic wigs are easy to use and easier to maintain. They can be used right from the box with minimal efforts. You can wash and dry them, and they will retain their initial style. 

Cost Effective 

Another advantage of using a synthetic wig is that they are very economical. However, you would want to steer clear of the cheaper options as they often have a unnatural shine. On the contrary, the costlier synthetic wigs have a natural look to them, making the differentiation between the synthetic hair vs natural hair easy.

Weather Proof

Synthetic wigs are frizz and tangle proof. They remain in their initial state despite the changes in the weather.


Synthetic wigs, when compared to natural hair wigs, are not as long-lasting. They have a life of 4-6 months, whereas the heat-friendly synthetic wigs last for around 2-3 months.


Synthetic wigs generally cannot be styled as traditional hair dyes are not effective on the synthetic fibres. Also, heat styling is effective only on the heat-friendly synthetic wigs. However, on the exposure of moisture, they return to their initial style.

Natural Hair Wig

Natural hair wigs are prepared from harvested hair. The process is intense and the hair undergoes rigorous cleaning, untangling, washing, drying, and dyeing before you get the final product. Some features of natural hair wigs are given below.

Look and Feel Natural

As they are made from harvested human hair, natural hair wigs will feel just like your own hair. The smoothness and texture of these wigs can vary greatly. Therefore, you are advised to try a few wigs before selecting the one.

Can be Styled 

Natural hair wigs can be styled as many times as you may like, and this one of their best features. You can change the colour or get them straightened or permed as per your choice.

Not Weather Prone

This one is a bummer. Wouldn’t it be wonderful not having to worry about fizzy and tangled hair? However, natural hair wigs are not weather-proof and requires special attention.

Expensive with High Maintenance Cost

When compared to synthetic wigs, these wigs are usually costlier with higher maintenance cost. However, they have a longer life, usually between 1-3 years and natural look and feel which compensates for the high initial investment.


If you are a first-time wig buyer, deciding the wig type is the first step in the process. Understanding the difference between synthetic hair vs natural hair will help you make an informed decision. Both synthetic and natural hair wigs have their pros and cons. Measure these against each other and make an informed decision. Good luck with the new look!

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