How to choose the best tops for women?

How to choose the best tops for women

Why does it happen so many times that even after having a wardrobe full of different outfits and dress combinations, on different occasions, you feel like there’s nothing to wear? This is something faced especially by women, who time and time again tend to wear the same clothes on every occasion.

Well, if this sounds familiar to you, then your dressing habits follow Pareto’s principle. Colloquially known as the 80/20 rule, it is a term familiar in business and economics. It shows how people wear 20% of their clothes on 80% of the occasions.

Not having proper tops for women in the wardrobe, even after having plenty of tops, can be one of the reasons behind this. To elaborate, people tend to wear only one-fifth of their new clothes on three basic factors –

  • They justify a purchase solely on the deals/discounts available.
  • The product makes them feel closer to someone they try to look like instead of who they authentically are.
  • They simply overlook flaws in the product, being influenced by the shoppers’ adrenaline rush.

Here are some working tips to help you buy women’s tops while avoiding the 80/20 rule.


Buy Tops that Complement Your Body Shape

Buying random items on sale won’t always work for your body shape. Consider buying clothes with vertical patterns or stripes if you want to give your upper body a thinner look. Those with a thin body can try those with horizontal stripes to look the opposite way.

Bright-colored clothes usually grab attention wherever they are worn. So, patterned tops are the best option if you want to emphasize the chest area. Those not looking for that extra attention can choose dark-colored solid pieces instead.

Take Accurate Measurements

Anyone buying clothes online or offline must know that taking accurate measurements before purchasing is quintessential. One can use a tape and write down the numbers that need to be kept in mind. Here are some of the measurements that are essential before buying women’s tops –

  • Upper arm and shoulders for sleeves
  • Neck width
  • The widest part of the bosom
  • Natural waistline

Also, it is important to check the size charts of the online store. Different companies have different size charts, which makes it hard to figure out which size is the best. Therefore, definitely check that before buying a women’s top.

Make Sure the Dress Fits You Perfectly

Finding the best fit is vital to finding the best tops for women. A garment that fits well looks good on a woman, even if it has an unflattering style. On the contrary, a poor fit does not look appealing even with the best styles.

In conclusion –

  • The best tops are the ones that you will feel comfortable in.
  • They should not look too sloppy on you.
  • Avoid buying clothes if you are en route to losing weight.
  • Don’t buy clothes restricting or slowing your movement while sitting, walking, or sprinting.


Final Words

Besides these points, it is also crucial to find a decent online store selling tops for women. Read customer reviews, ratings, and feedback to understand how the product actually is. The quality, fit, and feel are some of the most important aspects one needs to determine when buying tops. After all, the best tops are not always about the best styles but the best comfort in wearing them.

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