Looking for the Best Men’s Watch in India? Keep These Tips in Mind.

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One of the best and rather peculiar things about men’s watches is that they are most commonly bought by everyone else as a gift for men. Watches are a very popular gift for men. A nice watch can be a great gift that brings a smile to the face of your loved one. However, the process of buying a watch can be tricky.

You have to look at the different features of a watch and understand the intended purpose of your present to buy the best men’s watch in India. Watches come in different shapes, sizes, and all of them have different purposes, so it can be hard to purchase watches without proper knowledge. Here’s a guide to buying men’s watches & accessories that can help you get the best men’s watch in India.

Tips To Keep in Mind While Buying Men’s watch in India

  • Display Type

Watches generally have two types of display, analogue and digital. Analogue watches show time through the placement of the hands-on dial. Digital watches read out the time in numerical format. Both of these watches have their own appeal, and you need to pick the one you think is appropriate for you.

Analogue watches are most sophisticated, and they add a very classy and somewhat formal touch to your look. Digital watches or smartwatches (if you are modern), on the other hand, have a casual and sporty look. It would be best to consider these looks before getting men’s watches & accessories of any particular display type.

  • Strap Material & Design

Watches come in different sizes, shapes, and straps. Not every watch is suitable or rather appropriate for every type of use. If you wear a heavy metal strap watch with a large dial when you are out every day, it will be impractical and inconvenient. This is why you need to carefully pick your watch’s strap material and design.

If you want to get a watch that you can wear every day, maybe go for a leather strap watch that is comfortable on your hand. If you want a watch to match with your formal attire for festive or official occasions, go for an ornate metal strap watch that is bejewelled with precious stones. This way, you can pick the best men’s watches &accessories in India by choosing the right strap material and design.

  • Power Source

 Watches are either powered by batteries, solar power, or hand/self-wound. The power source of the watch can be a wow factor for you. Watches differ in value depending on their power source. Battery-powered watches are the most common, and they are also the most affordable option. Solar-powered and hand-wound watches are higher in value than hand-wound men’s watches & accessories.

If you are an environment-conscious person, you should know that battery-powered watches, although affordable, have a major environmental impact. So, if you are trying to reduce your carbon footprint and be more environmentally conscious, you can opt for solar-powered or mechanical watches to help your cause.

  • Budget & Watch Size

 In the end, budget always plays a significant role in purchasing the best men’s watches & accessories in India. You can find all types of watches, starting from big dial metal strap watches to small dial leather strap watches. All models are available at various budget options.

The thing that matters the most when you are looking for an accessory such as a watch is the comfort of the watch. If your watch is comfortable, you are more likely to wear it regularly and flaunt it when you are outside. If it is uncomfortable when worn, you will not feel like wearing it. So, consider the comfort of the watch too, when you are purchasing alongside the budget.


Watches are one of the best men’s accessories. They are simple, practical, effective, and, most importantly, purposeful. Whether you want to purchase a watch for yourself or buy it for someone else, the tips mentioned in this article can help you buy the best men’s watches & accessories in India. So, go ahead and buy the best men watch in India and flaunt it outside or gift it to your loved one and see their faces light up with a smile.

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